Boyz II Men Returning to Las Vegas From September (2019)

Veteran and legendary R&B group Boyz II Men are returning to take residency at the Mirage, marking their return to a long-time favorite venue. Starting in Philadelphia in the mid-’80s, Boyz II Men have been one of the most influential forces in R&B, finding groundbreaking success on both a national and international stage. With dates now set by the Mirage, we want to take a look at why the group has chosen Vegas, and what causes this city to have such a longstanding reputation as a place of musical excellence.

The Legacy

Before looking at Vegas, however, we need to look at the band. One of the biggest reasons for the success of Boyz II Men and their continuing legacy is their fusion of old and new musical genres. Early on in their career, the group made a name by combining the styles of doo-wop and hip hop music. They called this style hip hop doo-wop, and it quickly gained the group traction.

Unlike many R&B bands of the time, Boyz II Men featured all four members in prominent singing roles. While the traditional setup focused on a combination of a couple of lead singers and a few backup singers, Boyz II Men included all members in major roles.

Mainstream success for the band came with the release of their first album, Cooleyhighharmony, in 1991. Standouts here were their first single, “Motownphilly”, and “It’s So Hard to Say Goodbye to Yesterday.”

Still successful to this day, the members have gone on to create their popular and successful solo acts. Shawn Stockman just recently dropped his new singles “Feelin Lil Som’n”, and “Left Right.” They also still work in collaboration with other acts, such as their recent efforts with Charlie Puth on “If You Leave Me Know.”

Finally, Boyz II Men have been credited with playing a huge part in the resurgence of R&B back to the former heights of the 1970s. The success of the genre since the 2000s has often been quoted as being born of their success and this is a sentiment shared by many in the entertainment industry and the general public.

Earning a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2012, and recently being honored by their home city, Boyz II Men have sold more than 60 million albums, as they approach their residence at the Mirage.

Why Vegas?

As an alternative to touring, taking up residence in an area is a preferable choice for many. Touring for musicians is exhausting, expensive, and stressful on professional and personal relationships. Playing from residence effectively mitigates these issues, allowing singers to not only maintain a more healthy mental state but also to perform at their peak level for longer.

With this in mind, the idea of using Las Vegas as a host city becomes all the more logical. Musicians have made their home here for generations, most recently including acts like Jennifer Lopez and Rod Stewart.

This also means that the bands can guarantee a certain standard of physical setup. Many of us have felt the pain of being left disappointed after poor audio setup has ruined a live-band, and this is something which Vegas concerts have the time and money to easily avoid.

Also playing a major part here is the issue of accessibility. While we do love smaller and more intimate settings when it comes to live concerts, there is no denying that these can have issues when it comes to access. Sometimes, they are held in out of the way locations which are difficult to find. Other times, they don’t have adequate space or are not suited to differently-abled fans.

Playing in Vegas means that everyone knows where you are, can get there easily, and is guaranteed a pleasant experience when they arrive.

The other part of this equation comes from a return to popularity which casinos have seen in recent years. There was a period where the likes of Vegas and Reno were synonymous with upper-class American life, but popular opinion did not remain constant. With the passing of the Rat Pack, the mystique of the land of casinos started to wane, not seeing a revival until recently.

Some of this is owed to a reemergence of casino media. Big movies like the Ocean’s series revitalized the idea in the eyes of many, but the bigger call came from a more digital space.

In terms of drawing renewed interest in the casino life, nothing has added as much steam as the contributions made by online casinos. Services like Betway Casino have overcome the primary issue of many players, that of location, and made the world of gambling available to anyone, nearly anywhere. Live tables, a wide variety of games, and all the classics combine the enjoyment of old with the convenience of new.

Already worth billions, noted statistics website Statista has predicted growth to a casino market size of $94.4 billion from $45.8 billion in the 2017 to 2024 period alone.

As an alternative to the traditional, this has at the very least helped maintain the visibility of gambling havens like Las Vegas in public consciousness.

September to December

So far, Boyz II Men have a total of 14 concerts planned for their stay at Las Vegas, from the 14th of September to the 29th of December. With prices starting at $49.99, this could be a perfect fit for your next holiday if you wish to visit them live again or want to catch a look at the legends in person for the first time.

Those interested can call today, as these are likely to sell out fast.

Purchase Tickets Toll-Free: 800.963.9634

Purchase Ticks (Local Only): 702.792.7777

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