Female Rapper Omeretta the Great Drops New Singles ‘Love Me’ and ‘Road Rage’

Atlanta up-and-coming rapper Omeretta the Great managed to make not one, but two, submissions for 2018 before the year closed out. The artist released new singles “Love Me” and “Road Rage” only days after Christmas.

“Love Me” is a dope new track that hip-hop fans are sure to fall hard for. The young lyricist describes a not-so-fairy-tale love story in which she committed to the wrong Prince Charming. Omeretta vows to only commit to someone who genuinely loves her and cares for her. The song is relatable for any girl who has suffered heartbreak and put the pieces back together on her own.

On the flipside, “Road Rage” is a street anthem that lets her haters know of the consequences for messing with this pretty but gritty bombshell!

With 868K followers on Instagram and 3 million views on YouTube. Omeretta has laid a nice foundation for her career. Back in 2016, the rapper debuted her album “Black Magic: A Dose of Reality” and has since worked on several other projects including “Trapped” and “C2z3, Vol. 1.”

Being one of Atlanta’s most sought-after female lyricists, Omeretta has collaborated with Lil Donald, YFN Lucci, Killumnati and more.