EXCLUSIVE: Young Vader Talks ‘Road Runnin’ Single, Music Inspiration & Influences, More

When Dayton, OH rapper Young Vader released his single, “Road Runnin,” he never expected that the song would get on as quickly as it did. When it finally hit radio, Vader was totally unaware that it had been picked up.

“The radio just picked it up in the whole city [Dayton, OH],” Vader said. “I was actually in Vegas and I had got a phone call: ‘If I was you, I’d tune into the radio in 10 minutes.”

Fortunately, the radio station had an app that allowed Vader to listen live. Just like that, he was able to hear his single play while being broadcast to the entire city of Dayton.

“Road Runnin” is basically a hustler’s anthem that gives major praise to Atlanta, GA. In the song, Vader calls out a lot of Atlanta streets, neighborhoods, and hot spots. However, that’s not a surprise since he considers Atlanta a place of inspiration; naming artists like Ludacris and music mogul Jermaine Dupri as his influences.

To top it all off, Vader is planning on releasing the music video for “Road Runnin,” which will capture the journey between his hometown of Dayton, and his favorite city, Atlanta. He promised that it will be even hotter than the single itself.

At the end of the day, Vader makes self-motivation music that makes you want to get up and get the bag.

“Everybody want to be confident about who they are in the mirror,” adds Vader.

“Nobody wants to look at they self and feel down. I try to make music that you can look in the mirror, wake up, and be like this is that morning song to get my day ready and get my energy right.”

Going into 2019, he would love to start performing and touring more. The goal is to expose his music to more cities, different markets, and explore what the world has to offer.