Nipsey Hussle & Lauren London Are On The Run In Short Film “Hussle & Motivate”

Following the open reception of his newly released debut album, Victory Lap, rapper Nipsey Hussle drops the official video for the single, “Hustle & Motivate.”

The video was directed by Sergio in form of a short film. It is an action-packed visual that chronicles Hussle and his main chick Lauren London on a speed chase as the modern day Bonnie & Clyde. As the two speed through Los Angeles on a mission to securing enough money to bail their friend out of jail, the couple finds themselves in a few life-threating situation.

In a recent interview with Billboard Nipsey talked about being a philanthropist and dubbing himself the ‘Tupac of his generation.’ “That’s why I said I’m the Tupac of my generation because I follow the red roses in the grey pavements. The rose that grew from the concrete. I know what Pac was trying to do,” he explained. “Pac was like, “I know if I tell y’all the shit I know, y’all will call me smart. In our culture, smart is weak. So, I’ma show y’all I’m a rider first. I’ma show y’all I’m not afraid to fight, I’m not afraid to shoot and I’m not afraid to be with my n—s in the worst of the worst. I am not afraid of my people…” Listen to “White Man’z World” and listen to [his 1997 album as] Makaveli. He was trying to take n—-s there, and they got killed.”

He went onto to explain that he is indeed nothing like the great rapper, but his intentions are to educate his people in the same manner Pac did.

Nipsey has also alluded to a joint project between him and fellow Los Angeles emcee YG.

Victory Lap is available everywhere now.

Watch the lovebirds run for their lives in “Hussle & Motivate” below: