Joyner Lucas & Chris Brown Are “Stranger Things;” Announces Joint Project

“Me and @chrisbrown have decided to out-rap everyone in 2018,” controversial rapper Joyner Lucas states as he took to Twitter earlier today to announce his forthcoming joint project with R&B singer Chris Brown. The two released the lead single “Stranger Things” from their collaborative EP specially titled Angels and Demons.

Joyner shows us that he’s more than just a penned artist; stretching his talents beyond our knowledge, the emcee took his shot at directing the “Stranger Things” video. Known for his controversial yet compelling music videos, Joyner directs himself and Chris Brown into a web of fun in the new visual. As they make their way through the streets of Los Angeles, the two share rapid-fire flows as pest control servicemen. On the job, Chris and Joyner pick up a few lovely ladies to party it up in the back of the truck which houses a large “underground” fiesta.

Lucas’ fame spread after the release of his Boi-1da executive produced mixtape 508-507-2209 last year. It featured striking visuals such as “Just Like You,” “Winter Blues” and“I’m Sorry,” and an equally captivating narrative about the effects of suicide on loved ones. It was his viral hit “I’m Not Racist” that sparked controversy and much-needed conversation in society.

The Jordon Manswell and Ye Ali produced track samples the theme music from the popular Netflix series of the same name.

We all know Joyner’s rap skills, but Chris holds his own. “Bitch better believe that I’ma sniper (yeah)/You know I’m about to take you from your man tho (so celebrate),” he raps. “Pop up with the chopper and artificial niggas acting like bitches done started up an epidemic/It don’t make a difference, nigga we winning, I’m plenty grinning/A hundred million platinum fucking you ain’t got to listen.”

There’s no official release date for the upcoming Angles and Demons project but we are sure that whatever these two have cooked up it’ll be worth listening to.

Watch the secret party bus venture below.