5 R&B/Hip Hop Music Videos That Will Change Your Life

Have you ever just loved a music video so much it changed your life? Music videos have a way of taking a song and amplifying it times 10. It’s a mini-movie that gives exciting visuals to songs that provide intensifying aura. Over the years, music videos have included fun dances that viewers catch on to and become a new fad as well as a storyline of its own that pulls viewers in. Music videos give like-minded emotional instances to what viewers can relate to. Even from the beginning of music videos, there has always been a message of symbolism for viewers. Needless to say, music videos paint the bigger picture of a song and give insight into what the artist had in mind. Check out these top five R&B/Hip-Hop music videos that will change your life.

1. God’s Plan – Drake

Kicking off 2018 with a bang is precisely what Drake did. He recently released two singles: ‘God’s Plan’ and ‘Diplomatic Immunity’ the former began generating attention immediately following the midnight release. Fans referencing their social media posts as God’s Plan as ways to identify their glow ups. The music video is incredibly touching as Drake gives away lump sums of financial blessings, resulting in a million dollars to various organizations, families, and individuals.

The 13 Million viewed music video showcases Drake blessing individuals with groceries, scholarships, cars and pop-up visits for children, women shelters and donations in forms of OVO Via gift cards. Drake uses his platform to exhilarate not only those he is helping but also fans by brightening the lives of others. In this day in age, random acts of kindness are often hard to come by so thank you, Drake, for being a light to others and doing it for the culture!

See Drake’s ‘God’s Plan’ Video Here:

2. Naked – Ella Mai

Ella Mai is an English singer/songwriter best known for her performance on X Factor, as part of the trio Arize. Ella Mai is taking her solo career to a new level and providing conscientious lyrics with a powerful direction of imagery. In her music video ‘Naked,’ she draws in viewers to focus on the bigger picture of the message at hand. The music video focuses on loving somebody naked. Ella’s terminology for loving somebody naked is loving somebody wholeheartedly. In the video, she showcases the human race in various forms, colors, and sizes. Her dynamic in the video is showcasing that people are all different and come from various places with different backgrounds.

Her music video also sheds light on cultural issues in which the United States is currently facing with DACA, natural disasters such as the hurricane that destroyed Puerto Rico, the Black Lives Matter campaign and justice for innocent victims. The video includes the following signage #DefendDACA, #PrayForPuertoRico, #BlackLivesMatters, #JusticeForGrenfell. These are symbols of support to assist the struggle behind each cause, and Ella Mai found a beautiful way to fuse them together, creating a dynamic presence.

See Ella Mai’s ‘Naked’ Video Here:

3. U Cry – Tyga

Who says Tyga can’t be versatile? The rap star shows a new side of himself in his recent release ‘U Cry.’ The soft ballot embodies that men have feelings too! Tyga released the video just last week on Valentine’s Day; could this be a ploy to get Kylie’s attention? Not to mention his love interest in the video favors Kylie Jenner but who knows? The video is up to four million views and indicates that breakups really can change a person. The visual portrays a home feel that seems close to Tyga’s heart. The video is primarily in a closed setting of a house with soft lighting and intimate angles and showcases various memories of his love interest in flashbacks as well as pictures. This clip will change your life if you never anticipated Tyga had a soft side to him and also will assist with understanding guys have feelings too and that a break-up can impact them just as much as it does for a female!

See Tyga’s ‘U Cry’ Video Here:

4. All The Stars – Kendrick Lamar ft. SZA

Wakanda Forever! If you haven’t seen Black Panther, it’s a must see! This movie represents black culture even on a fictional level. Watching the music video for ‘All The Stas’ on repeat is one that will have you gazing for hours on end! Kendrick has brought the heat with the miraculous soundtrack for the feature presentation Black Panther. Kendrick used fan favorites such as The Weeknd, Future, and SZA to create a soundtrack for the culture and one that will play far beyond the movie screen.

Now to the music video. ‘All The Stars’ is a different type of music video; it plays into aspects of the movie, but it also shows black power and unity amongst the glimpse of scenes. This music video is strong with ethnic symbolism such as Kings and Queens, Kente Cloth and tribal resemblances. It also shows the strength of black people as seen in Wakanda! The video shows power, strength, and royalty; it will have viewers respecting not only black culture but the continent of Africa itself and the culture of Africanism.

Check out Black Panther’s “All The Stars’ Music Video Here:

5. Melanin Magic – Remy Ma ft. Chris Brown

Being black is a beautiful thing, and Remy Ma is letting it all hang out! The Love and Hip Hop rapstress is making a Melanin Magic statement in her newest music video ‘Melanin Magic,’ featuring Chris Brown. Remy released the video on Valentine’s Day for a sensual statement, and for those that have rallied amongst embracing one’s blackness and being “superior black” as shown in Black Panther, the video is a perfect silhouette for black female empowerment as well as lyricism indicating golden love.

In the video, Remy and her dancers are covered in melanin browns, tans, and glistening golds. The motivation of her song is all about empowering the “brown skin popping female.” This music video also showcases her fellow Love and Hip Hop cast mate such as JuJu and truly embodying the “once you go black you’ll never go back statement.”

See Remy Ma’s ‘Melanin Magic’ Video Here:

By: Ciara Lee


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