Meet Brandon Farmer: The Millennial Trendsetter Setting Atlanta Ablaze

When it comes to setting the tone of African American industry trends, Atlanta has always been at the forefront of the conversation – music, culture and Southern hospitality. But now, more than ever, it’s expanding its reach – and not only developing artists but Industry influencers.

Brandon Farmer, an Atlanta native, is one of the industry pack leaders in this unconventional dynamic of millennial power. Last month, Farmer wrapped the second annual “The 20 ATL” Millennial Dinner, which highlights millennials doing extraordinary work in all relative industries. And to his surprise, his selfless efforts were rewarded by the City of Atlanta by naming January 30th “The 20 ATL” Day (Past recipients include: OG Parker, DC Young Fly, Cam Kirk, Jacob Latimore, B. Simone and Brian Young).

And just like that day, and like so many days, Farmer uses his entrepreneurial skills and instincts to manage the landscape of some of the most sought-after R&B acts in music. From managing Justin Bieber’s day-to-day schedule to coordinating K. Michelle’s new restaurant staff and operations at ‘Puff and Petals.’

“I know what she [K. Michelle] likes and I know how she likes it,” Farmer says. “I jumped into the restaurant business by accident but it’s been going really good.”


Creating brand strategies and turning the soul food chain into a household name is the goal he said. The ability to transport from function to function seems to run throughout his DNA; yet, his talents weren’t always known to the public.

“When I first started, I did Social Media Marketing for Crown World management in Atlanta. I built relationships but took the backseat approach,” Farmer says. “With the help of my mentor Dre Davis, I was able to hone in on my craft and execute to the best of my abilities. After that, it was really up from there.”

When he’s not on the road with Sevyn Streeter or K. Michelle, he’s probably on a call finalizing cool tour stuff as he prepares to hit the road with artist Desiinger and Steve Aioki this summer. It’s certain that this ‘90s baby has turned himself into a self-made franchise and is adding true versatility to the definition of an Industry all-star.

By: Joshua King