EXCLUSIVE: The Womack Sisters Talks Retro Sound, Bobby Womack Believing in Them, Family, More

There is a new female R&B group on the block, and they come from a long line of legends.

BG, Zeimani, and Kucha, better known as The Womack Sisters, are three talented, soulful siblings. They are the daughters of renown songwriters and producers Cecil and Linda Womack (Womack & Womack), nieces of R&B great Bobby Womack and granddaughters of the legendary Sam Cooke.

The Womack Sisters recently had our radar buzzing with their debut single, “Darling,” a vintage and eargasmic record that travels multiple eras of music. The song will appear on the girl’s upcoming album, due out later this year.

Based in Los Angeles (they grew up in the UK), The Womack Sisters kicked off their career by penning songs for artists like Mya, B.O.B, and The Game to name a few.

Now, with legacy flowing through their bloodstreams, the girls declared themselves the rightful bearers of the royal scepter of soul troubadours, and only time will tell if they can keep the family genes going.

Singersroom recently spoke with the beautiful ladies, and they gave us a nice rundown of their childhood, growing up with legends, family memories, their sound, and much more. Check it out!

You guys grew up in a journey filled life; what was that experience like?

It was exciting but very fast pace, and we are full of culture due to our travels; we feel blessed to have done it at a young age also.

What are some of your fondest memories from your childhood?

Our mother and father made sure we had a lot of fun things to do, but one of our favorite things to do was to cook as a family. Our father was a master in the kitchen.

During your travels, what was your favorite place to visit and why?

We really loved Bangkok, Thailand. Everything is so beautiful and luxurious, but really inexpensive at the same time, so we love to shop there.

Your family is legendary, does that put pressure on you all as you launch your music career?

We know our family did a lot of great things in music, but it’s hard to see them in that light. They love music as we do, and other than that we are a normal family. We feel no pressure to compete with any artist; we all belong.

Credit: Royal Binion

“Darling” is a retro and vintage record; Is this the kind of sound fans should expect in the future?

Yes, it’s our own blend of soul and retro that fits us well so you can expect that blend in the future.

Creatively, how would you describe your sound, and what or who influences it?

We love soul and R&B, but funk and hip hop have a place in our music at times when we wanna groove. That side of us is coming, but we would say retro soul is our lane.

It seems like female groups can’t get out their way these days. With you guys being sisters, how will that help you deal with conflict when they arise?

We have faced real drama and issues in our lives and overcame them, so a sister-sister spat is not high on our list of important issues in our lives. We are a family first kind of group, so we look out for each other, and before anything, we are best friends, so we are considerate and respectful. The goal of this group is to be better as a family and stay connected.

What’s the ultimate goal for this group?

To have millions of people come to our shows all around the world, and to have Womack and Cooke music around for Generations to come, everything else is up to God.

Credit: Royal Binion

Who are some of the female/male artists that you all followed while growing up and why?

Sade is so jazzy we love her; The Temptations are a perfect male R&B group, Sam Cooke was a smooth crooner, TLC we love everything about them. We listen to so much good music but Womack and Womack was playing all the time (lol), and we think it made a big impression on our music. Also, Smokey Robinson was so chill and sweet with melodies.

What makes The Womack Sisters unique?

We are a family group that’s number one, we come from four generations of professional musicians on both sides, hair is sky high (lol), and we sound different because we’re producing music and never try to fit in with times.

What’s your fondest memory of your uncle, Bobby Womack? What did he teach you all about music and business?

We had a Christmas where we drove around for hours looking for a tree last minute, and it took forever, but we told jokes and laughed the whole time. We lived in his house for a while after our father died; he kind of took over the group, but it was in his nature to be an angel. Our Uncle Bob made you smile when you didn’t feel like there was anything worth smiling for. We had a blast; he was funny and cared about family. He said to us, ‘don’t let this business come between you and never let go of the music.’ He also told us to stick together and that we would be the most amazing thing to come out of the family on the Womack and the Cooke side; that was how much he believed in us.

What can we look forward to in the coming months and year?

Our next single of course and we will be doing shows over the summer also. Our website and social media are updated with every upcoming event.

What about music makes your heart beat?

Music has to be personal and hit home with the power of the message it; we love music that connects us to the unknown and take us somewhere eotionally as well has make you wanna move your body. Music is our beginning, and it’s a huge part of our lives.


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