Marsha Ambrosius – Don’t Wake The Baby

Marsha Ambrosius had her daughter Nyla back in 2016, and the experience inspired her to write “Don’t Wake The Baby,” a song that has the new mom feeling herself in her new role.

On the swaggy, mid-tempo song, Marsha expresses how confidently she’s taking on her role as a sexy mommy, proving you don’t have to lose your sex appeal if you just had a baby. Some lyrics include “I’m walkin’ around in my lingerie,” and “I’mma get some d*ck tonight.”

Stream below:

In an Instagram post, Marsha gushed about the experience: “Motherhood is such a beautiful experience. EVERYTHING! From making the baby, nurturing and caring for the growing life inside to holding them in your arms!”

Last month, the British singer/songwriter announced that she is getting ready to hit the road again on the “M.E. Tour” along with Eric Benét this spring. 

Shout out to all the new moms!

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