During this time of year, company’s aim to foster stronger bonds with their employees by throwing holiday office parties.

If you’ve attended one of more of these festivities, you know it’s the perfect time to mingle casually with coworkers, make an impression with your bosses, get to know people you don’t see every day, or even get a little closer to your office crush (wink). These gatherings also give you a chance to chat informally with the bosses and even drop a few of your ideas or suggestions.

More importantly, It’s a time of the year to blow off some steam, enjoy life a bit, and not think about work. Besides the unlimited quantities of alcohol, music is the next best thing to help you get loose.

Here at Singersroom, we’ve drummed up a list of “20 R&B Songs to Play at Your Holiday Office Christmas Party.” Drop these to your DJ or request a few of them to make your year-end celebration memorable.

Before we get into the music, we need to warn you that drinking alcohol in excessive proportions could lead to egregious offenses. Yes, you may have a little office crush, but when you here these R&B songs, we don’t need you harassing people on the dance floor or touching coworkers in inappropriate and unwanted ways (just saying — sexual harassment complaint? lol). Even worse, being the centerpiece of office gossips going forward (let your reputation live!).

Now, if you feel like busting some solo dance moves, we say what the hell, go for it.

Now that we’ve covered all the bases, click next to see our certified list of “R&B Songs to Play at Your Holiday Office Christmas Party.” Let’s make it a great one folks.

[tps_title]Rihanna – Work[/tps_title]

[tps_title]Kool & The Gang – Celebration[/tps_title]

[tps_title]Michael Jackson – Don’t Stop Til You Get Enough[/tps_title]

[tps_title]Mariah Carey – All I Want For Christmas Is You[/tps_title]

[tps_title]Sister Sledge – We Are Family[/tps_title]

[tps_title]Usher – Yeah![/tps_title]

[tps_title]Bell Biv DeVoe – Poison[/tps_title]

[tps_title]LaBelle – Lady Marmalade[/tps_title]

[tps_title]Whitney Houston – I Wanna Dance With Somebody[/tps_title]

[tps_title]Donny Hathaway – This Christmas[/tps_title]

[tps_title]Beyonce – Love On Top[/tps_title]

If you really want to turn up to Bey!

[tps_title]Bobby Brown – Every Little Step[/tps_title]

[tps_title]Mario – Just A Friend[/tps_title]

[tps_title]Patti LaBelle – New Attitude[/tps_title]

[tps_title]Montell Jordan – This Is How We Do It[/tps_title]

[tps_title]Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam, Full Force – I wonder If I Take You Home[/tps_title]

[tps_title]Chris Brown – Run It![/tps_title]

[tps_title]Rick James – Super Freak[/tps_title]

[tps_title]New Edition – Cool It Now[/tps_title]

[tps_title]Ne-Yo – Sexy Love[/tps_title]

[tps_title]BONUS: Rob Base, DJ EZ Rock – It Takes Two[/tps_title]

It’s not completely R&B, but it feels so good!