[CONCERT REVIEW] DMX Gives Great Show at B.B King’s Despite Late Arrival

Despite his personal setbacks, DMX is still one of the most prolific MCs in hip-hop music. On Thanksgiving Eve, NYC was ready to see the Dark Man perform at BB Kings in Times Square and the turnout showed he still has a vast fanbase!

As people arrived, several security guards searched each guest for any illegal weapons or substances (unfortunately, a procedure that had to be done since it was a rap concert). The blues club was jam packed with X fans anxiously waiting to see the rapper.

At first, it wasn’t looking too good for X. The audience had been waiting for X or any open acts for over an hour. They were becoming restless and were ready to leave. Fans felt like they were cheated. However, just before guests were ready to leave, Ruff Ryder’s new artists arrived on stage. Unfortunately, it wasn’t enough to calm the crowd, and they became even more restless.

Half an hour later, X stepped on stage, and he was ready to party with the crowd! The crowd went ballistic when they saw him, but they were still skeptical; they didn’t know what to expect from him due to his past issues with substance abuse. But he proved them wrong when he started his set with “We Right Here.” He sounded like that nasty beast when he first stepped into the rap game in 1998! Throughout the night, X cracked jokes with the crowd and let the fans know he appreciates their love and support.

He went on to perform his other heavy hitters: “Where The Hood At,” “Get at Me Dog,” “Get It on the Floor,” “Ruff Ryders Anthem,” “It’s Goin’ Down,” “Who We Be,” “What These B****** Want,” “Party Up,” and “Slippin.” “Slippin'” was an emotional song for X because he knows it can help someone overcome adversity in their life.

X ended his show the best way he knows how: prayer. It’s imperative for him to pay homage to God always. Fans know he is a spiritual being that recognizes God’s grace and mercy.

DMX is a part of hip-hop culture and an artist who transcended the game in a profound way. Eighteen years later, no other artist has had two number one albums in the same year. X is ONLY the artist in history to have five consecutive albums at number one.

DMX is still considered to be one of the most “brutal rappers of our generation.” Hopefully, in the near future, we can hear new music from the Dark Man!