Raheem DeVaughn Reconnects With His Poet Collaborator Wes Felton To Ressurect Duo, The CrossRhodes, They Release ‘Footprints on the Moon’

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Before Grammy-nominated recording artist Raheem DeVaughn became a solo R&B artist, the singer and his poet collaborator, Wes Felton, set DC ablaze with their group, The CrossRhodes.

Both the sons of jazz musicians meshed lush neo-soul crooning with socially conscious hip-hop word flow. With the current state of constant social unrest, The CrossRhodes seeks to be a voice to express valid concerns affecting the Global community especially the plight of the minority community.

Their first single is the album title track “Footprints On The Moon” exemplifies just that; over the head-nodding track, Felton takes care of the verses while DeVaughn handles the hooks and ad libs.

“This country’s got a real, um,  scary past / That’s why I wonder how long the empire gon’ last,” Felton flows on the first verse. “You deserve the world my n*gga / See, this world is yours, my n*gga,” DeVaughn resounds.

Their forthcoming album Footprints On The Moon is being released through BMG this Fall.

Stream their conscious offering below:


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