London-Based Rapper Alista Marq Reflects On His ‘Vice’ On Brand New Single

Following up the October release of “Forest”, London-hailing rapper Alista Marq shares his latest offering, “VICE”, which serves as the second single from his upcoming debut EP Northern Line.

“VICE is that moment you realise the girl you thought you once wanted isn’t good for you.”

A story of fruitless attempts to kick a bad addiction is something many us may be familiar with, but Alista shares his own, as he reflects on a relationship gone hopelessly wrong. Much in line with the approach taken on his previous single, Alista’s affinity for effortless melodic rhyming takes centre stage once again. The out-of-the-box production helmed by Stevie Dutch (also producer of “Forest”) certainly takes minimalist-but-effective approach, with a subtle 808, smooth guitar licks, and a righteous mix of delicate keys and vocal chops being the order of the day.

Get comfy and get your ears around Alista Marq’s “VICE” below, and look out for the Northern Line EP coming ever so soon.