Kid Cudi’s Drummer Mike Moore Gives Tour Of Stage Set For Jammcard’s ‘Gear Goggles’ Series

Earlier this year, the forthcoming music community Jammcard launched their “How I Got The Gig Series,” where background singers and musicians tell the stories of how they got their big break to perform with some of music’s biggest stars. Bassist Brandon Brown and background singer/songwriter Brenda Lee Eager were both featured.

Now, here’s a Jammcard Raw View show where Jammcard founder Elmo Lovano goes behind the scenes to explore an artist’s rig and set up. In this episode, Kid Cudi’s drummer and musical director Mike Moore walks us through an exclusive behind the scenes of the rehearsal space and view of the technical aspects of the show.

Gear Goggles is your raw view into the stage production and gear of major artists and their bands. Watch Mike Moore walk Elmo Lovano through his set up for the Kid Cudi tour.

Upcoming episodes of Jammcard’s “How I Got The Gig Series” features  Drake’s guitar player Adrian Eccleston and bassist for Lauryn Hill and Gnarles Barkley, Miles Mosley.