Jeezy & Janelle Monae Reflect On the Consequences Of the Street Life In ‘Sweet Life’ Video

Jeezy uses this Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday to shed light on societal issues with his video for “Sweet Life,” the Janelle Monae-assisted track from his latest LP No Church in These Streets.

In the simple, black and white video, a disturbed Jeezy reads news of the crime of the youth in his community while rapping about his street upbringing. A vignette of a young, black teen plays as he gets brought to jail for partaking in the street life Jeezy and Janelle talk about in the song. The video wraps up with a scene where Jeezy walks on the red carpet, a testament he’s made it out of that dangerous lifestyle.

“New video alert!! Today is a special day, so why not a special video. MLK day, a true leader #sweetlife,” Jeezy tweeted.

Watch Jeezy's message enfold above.