‘Classic Man’ Jidenna Rides For His ‘Knickers’ In New Video

Jidenna is surely making being a “classic man” fun!

His latest video “Knickers” brings the old-fashioned men’s wear staple into the 21st century, while cleverly playing on the N-word.

In the Benny Boom-directed clip, a few young men try to get in a club, but unfortunately, no “knickers” are allowed. They then go to where the party is poppin’ even more!

The clip is a fun, energetic, ode to the past and celebration of the present and future: the choreography is a mix between the jitterbug and hip hop, the fashion a mix of early 20th century attire, and modern Nigerian prints/fashion. Unfortunately, the po-pos comes and tries to shut down the party by throwing tear gas, but that doesn’t stop the clubbers joy!

A++ concept!

Purchase "Kickers" on iTunes above!