BBQ Playlist: 20 Classic R&B Songs For Your July 4th Cookout

As you gear up for your 2015 4th of July cookout, if you haven't done so already, it's time to start preparing your music playlist. We all know that a BBQ is about having a great time with friends and family, and the music is an intricate part of the festivities. If you can create a playlist to keep people on their feet from start to finish, minus the eating and drinking of course, then you are #winning. The playlist will also determine if someone will stay at your cookout for a long period of time.

It can be difficult to make a playlist for all ages. You have to think about the children and the seniors, especially if it's a family BBQ. Most Seniors are not familiar with today's R&B or not impressed with the profanity and language in certain songs.

Singersroom came up with an old school R&B list that the old and new school will enjoy with family and friends at any cookout (If you're one of those Double Tap crazed kid, then you're out of luck). The songs on our list transcends time and age groups, so rock out with us.

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