MPrynt Talks Brotherhood, Being a Unique R&B Group, Ferguson; Plus Sings A cappella

Philly R&B quartet MPrynt has been laying the groundwork for their budding career and are poised to make an impact as a male R&B group. The talented Motown group, consisting of members Budda, Rael, Tyce and Faheem, understands the commitment it takes to make it, and have been making the right sacrifices for each other to help the group thrive.

In out sit down with the boys, they spoke about their uniqueness as a group, fights that keeps the group stronger, brotherhood, Ferguson, MO, and more. They even blessed us with a harmonious a cappella.

How did this group come together man?

M-Prynt (Rael): Budda and I was in the group together first. That kind of didn’t work out, so we linked up with Tyce, and through a mutual friend, we linked up with Fah, and we’ve been together for four years now so it's time.

So four years, in a time where groups are hard as hell to keep together, what kind of chemistry keeps you guys together? How do you work together to make sure everyone gets what they want out of the product? There's going to be arguments, there’s going to be all kinds of things. How do you guys put your feelings aside for the group?

M-Prynt (Budda): Honestly, we know when we are wrong or right, so most of the time we might just be in our feelings about certain situations but that’s something we kind of work around, know what I mean? We're definitely going to have disagreements with each other or stuff like that, know what I’m saying? Or we might be mad at each other, but we hold court and talk it out even if we gotta fight, we fight… we talk… we do whatever. We cry together; we're brothers… it’s more than just business… it’s more personal, you know? We’ve been rocking for a while now. We gone be together, so y’all might as well get used to us.

So what’s your fights like? I know when I was growing up, fights with my friends were like lets go outside, knuckle up and then we’re friends after.

M-Prynt (Rael): That’s what it is. At the end of the day, like I said, we’re brothers. You gon' fight your blood brothers, but you know afterwards, it’s all love, know what I mean? Get some stuff off your chest and keep it moving.

So creatively, what’s a session like with M-Prynt?

M-Prynt (Fah): It’s a nice range. Depending on who we’re working with, you can catch us in here writing maybe even producing. Like my brother here is crazy in both those ranges [referring to Tyce]. We've had the pleasure to work with a lot of people, including our production company Go Music.

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