MPrynt Talks Brotherhood, Being a Unique R&B Group, Ferguson; Plus Sings A cappella



What is it that makes this group unique?

M-Prynt (Tyce): Where do we start? (Chuckles) We can go through all the basic things like we all sing lead and we learned to play guitar, know what I mean? But I think more than anything, it’s going to be music that differentiates us from everybody else. We just want to keep putting out good music that people can relate to… A healthy musical gumbo of all our different styles and influences that’s just good for your soul. So for whatever you’re going through, we want to have a song that you can relate to and I think that’s what’s special about MPrynt, we can relate to big genres… maybe that’s not the right word, but a mass amount of people. We have young fans, old fans, and in between. Even with our single, "Don’t Hurt Me," it’s got some nostalgia and H-Town and Tupac feel to it, but we put our own spin on it. It makes it new for this day and age. There's kids that have never heard of H-Town or weren't there to experience Tupac. We're not trying to bring back anything, I think that’s just a misconception, we’re just trying to give you good music.

As you mention H-Town, what groups or artists inspire this group?

M-Prynt (group): Definitely H-town, Boyz II Men, Jackson 5, Jodeci, Dru Hill, New Edition, and The Temptations… All the greats. We honor them… Like we pay homage to them. Even the Philadelphia scene with the Delphonics and the Stylistics… Can’t forget them.

Knowing Philadelphia is rich when it comes to soul music, how does that inspire the music that you guys produce now?

M-Prynt (Tyce): Being from Philadelphia and knowing Philadelphia has such a rich musical history, you can go back to acts that came out of that world, especially when it was really heavy with the neo-soul, with the Jill Scotts and the Jasmines and all of those acts… That in itself was all made like I said before in a big gumbo. You'll hear these influences somewhere in our music. We just want to carry that torch that Philadelphia has man. We don’t want to be known for just one genre of music, we just want to be known for making really good music. Its more than enough out here for everybody man, so big ups to everybody that’s still out here keeping up with the keep up.

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