Top 50 R&B/Soul Inspirational Songs

top 50 rb inspirational songs

What words come to mind when you categorize a song “inspirational?” Uplifting? Motivating? Encouraging? Usually, these words come to mind when you hear music from certain artists, but why? Perhaps the lyrics enlighten your soul or brighten your life.

More than likely, when a listener hears an inspirational song from their favorite artist(s); it will ease their spirit. People yearn for songs that could possibly help them overcome life’s biggest battles.

There are many inspirational songs in R&B music that are prevailing and timeless for a number of reasons: melody, words, content, sound, mood, and the actual artist. Singersroom narrowed it down to the top 50… Yes, 50!

We’re not perfect, but these 50 really touched us. Feel free to add any we may have missed in our comments section… maybe we can do a continuation!

Hit next and check them out!

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