Honda presents 16Bars: Lacrae Schools Listeners Through His Lyrics

If we could sum Lacrae up in one word, it would be skillful.

He never fails when it comes to delivering 'Fit For You' lyrics, making you think about your being!

Honda 16 Bars: The Roots Founder Black Thought Will Make You Love Hip-Hop

In episode 9 of The Boombox's 16Bars, presented by Honda, the lyrical mastermind delivers thought-provoking lyrics through his song "Dirty Water."

"My family came here on slave ships / some herd cattle / some herd blacks," rhymes Lacrae.

Pay attention to this dude — he not only entertains, he also educates!

Honda 16 Bars: Common Talks Being a Consistent Rapper and Growing as a Person

Lacrae released his seventh studio album, Anomaly, in September (2014). Led by the single "Nuthin'", the project debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 chart in its first week with 88,000 copies sold.

Presented by Honda

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