There’s simply too much music coming out. Of course, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing because music soothes the soul, especially R&B.

For years, R&B music has been a musical guide, helping people better their lives, whether they’re going through bad times, breakups, just needing some extra love or baby making.

Several hundred albums are released each year in this industry, making it almost impossible for every artist and their project(s) to rise above the surface and get attention. Whether having the encouragement and support of a major label, an extreme fan base, a hard-hitting marketing plan, or connections to big time radio and studio producers, certain artists get the most attention, while others have to scrape and fight to get noticed.

Yeah, it’s true that radio and sales charts often have many of the same players at any given time, so we feel that the following artists deserve more of a shake than they've been given thus far.

This list of four underrated artists in 2014 contains people who have been making some of the best, soothing R&B music, and has yet to break through to the mass appeal their art deserves.

Rochelle Jordan

Rochelle Jordan

Hailing from the Eastside of Toronto, singer/songwriter Rochelle Jordan has been making some major waves in the music scene since the drop of her first official effort "ROJO," which garnered over 90k downloads in August of 2011.

Rochelle has appeared and written on Childish Gambino's Because The Internet single “Telegraph Ave,” and since then, has charted number 1 on Billboard's Next Big Sound with her early 2014 single, "Follow Me".

With her upcoming debut album, 1 0 2 1, due to be released tomorrow, November 11, Rochelle plays on the undeniable promise — she is a defining figure in the future of R&B.

Check out one of her latest hits as she keeps things "Lowkey."



Alternative R&B artist SZA, born as Solana Rowe, hails all the way from St. Louis, MO. The 24-year-old singer signed to Top Dawg Entertainment back in 2013. She has brought us soulful gems like “Teen Spirit”, “ICE.MOON”, and “Julia.”

Her latest project, Z, was released in April of 2014, and the singer-songwriter has revealed that "A" would be released as her debut album, continuing to say that "A" would be similar to "S" and would include trap influences with more aggressive lyrics.

Being known as TDE's first female signee, and first singer, drew a lot of attention during the early stages of her career. At first, she felt it was a bit uncomfortable and was not a fan of all the attention she was receiving. Rowe has been compared to artists such as Erykah Badu and Lauryn Hill.

Check out the neo-soul sounds of SZA.

FKA Twigs

FKA Twigs

Born Tahliah Barnett, the half-Jamaican, and half-Spanish singer hails from Gloucestershire in the southwest of England.

“I want to clarify that twigs is not a character that ive created, twigs and tahliah are one and the same. 1 girl, 1 personality, 2 names,” she wrote on Twitter.

FKA Twigs, whose nickname comes from how loudly she can crack her bones, began writing songs at the early age of 16. She then moved to London by 17 to pursue a dance career. She spent as much time in the studio as possible, which led to her self-titled EP in 2012.

The England native is currently on tour.

Check out her song below:

Eric Bellinger

Eric Bellinger

Songwriting is an art that many people don’t have the ability to do. Being a singer-songwriter is a step above and it separates the men from the boys. Eric Bellinger has pimped his pen out to the best in the business such as Usher and Chris Brown.

Bellinger, a successful Grammy Award Winning singer, songwriter, vocal producer and engineer, has been singing since he could speak. His destiny preceded him — he is the Grandson of Jackson 5 hit making songwriter Bobby Day (Rockin' Robin, Little Bitty Pretty One).

After experiencing success recording and touring with AKNU, Eric returned home to work on new music and discovered another passion, songwriting. The exceptionally gifted singer and rapper mastered his natural ability to instantly hear melody and rhythm under the guidance of childhood friend and mentor Erika Nuri of The Writing Camp.

Bellinger’s latest project is the cuffin' season mixtape, Choose Up Season. The free project boasts nine brand new songs and includes features from The Game, Teeflii, Pleasure P, and Teyana Taylor with production by K. Roosevelt, Da Internz and more.