Spotlight: 4 Underrated R&B Artists On The Rise

There’s simply too much music coming out. Of course, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing because music soothes the soul, especially R&B.

For years, R&B music has been a musical guide, helping people better their lives, whether they’re going through bad times, breakups, just needing some extra love or baby making.

Several hundred albums are released each year in this industry, making it almost impossible for every artist and their project(s) to rise above the surface and get attention. Whether having the encouragement and support of a major label, an extreme fan base, a hard-hitting marketing plan, or connections to big time radio and studio producers, certain artists get the most attention, while others have to scrape and fight to get noticed.

Yeah, it’s true that radio and sales charts often have many of the same players at any given time, so we feel that the following artists deserve more of a shake than they've been given thus far.

This list of four underrated artists in 2014 contains people who have been making some of the best, soothing R&B music, and has yet to break through to the mass appeal their art deserves.

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