Season four (4) of the widely popular TV show, Scandal, will conclude with a fall finale on November 20. Since we have to wait for winter to pass to watch the second half of season four, we know you guys will be looking elsewhere for a fix. No, we are not Olivia Pope, so we more than likely will not be able to fix your problems, but we can surely help guide you in the right direction, at least those of you with a broken heart.

We all know music brings the mind to a place of solace, and what genre is better at producing those kinds of emotional-drenched songs than R&B. Let artists like Keyshia Cole, Mary J. Blige, Jazmine Sullivan and Dave Hollister help rebuild your state of mind as you shake your heartache.

Check out 10 songs that can help you mend a broken heart by hitting next.

P.S. – This list works wonders with a glass of wine!

Charlie Wilson - Goodnight Kisses

Charlie Wilson – Goodnight Kisses

Sometimes you just need a reminder of why you were with someone for a certain amount of time. Unless there was a detrimental infidelity incident, you and your lover need to communicate and find a way to get back to your glory days. You need to do things that will excite and surprise the heck out of your partner! Bump OG Charlie Wilson’s "Goodnight Kisses" for a healthy reminder if you need help!

Dave Hollister - I'm Different

Dave Hollister – I'm Different

Yes, your heart is broken, but that doesn't mean it was entirely the other person's fault. Maybe it was you that didn't give your all, prompting the other person to leave you after being continually fed up. On "I'm different," Dave Hollister hits the nail on the head when he sings, "Play your position, pay your dues, there will be nothing I won't do for you." A relationship is 50/50, and a partner is only going to carry your dead weight but for so long. Learn from your past and grow with your next lover.

Chris Brown - New Flame Ft. Usher and Rick Ross

Chris Brown – New Flame Ft. Usher and Rick Ross

One of the fastest way to move on from an ex is to find a "New Flame." There are tons of reasons why couples break up, but a new love spark can definitely help you get over your cold and low moments. As I stated previously though, make sure you’re mentally ready for this new journey.

Nicole Scherzinger - Run

Nicole Scherzinger – Run

You've had a bad string of relationships and now you find it difficult to trust again. On the emotional ballad "Run," former Pussycat Dolls member Nicole Scherzinger warns her inner-self and anyone listening not to let their guard down easily because it could lead to a "broken heart." It's OK to be protective of your heart, but you need to make sure your confidence is high before entering a new relationship. Take some time to really get to know you… the stronger you are, the less you will tolerate.

Keyshia Cole - Remember (Part 2)

Keyshia Cole – Remember (Part 2)

Yes, the relationship is over, and yes, you’re in a hell of a lot of pain. But as soon as you can lift your head above the water, you will notice that you didn't completely waste your time. The dark times usually overshadow the good; you need to find a way to grip to those great moments as you move on with your life.

“Something don’t seem right though / Cause we argue all the time and we fuss and fight / It just don’t seem worth it, even though we have so much on the line,” Keyshia Cole coos on "Remember (Part 2). Know when to let go, but hold on to the good times!

Jazmine Sullivan - Forever Don't Last

Jazmine Sullivan – Forever Don't Last

"I tried to believe that we could make it / But trying don’t work / So I just have to face that forever doesn’t last too long these days,” Jazmine Sullivan emotionally sings on "Forever Don't Last." We won't go as far as Jasmine, but your forever isn't for everybody. Time after time, people remain in relationships for the wrong reasons (e.g. Fear of letting go or fear of being alone). It takes a strong person to know when to hang it up and walk away with your dignity. That person is or will be you!

Lil Mo - Just Not That Into You (JNTIY)

Lil Mo – Just Not That Into You (JNTIY)

Don't waste your time! If you're not feeling a person or can't see a future together, end it before it gets to the broken heart stage. “This is gonna hurt me more than it hurts you, but I gotta tell the truth,” Lil' Mo sings on the intro of "Just Not That Into You (JNTIY)" before her no-holds-barred confession of, “You don’t mean a thing to me." The more real you are with the person, the less drama!

Traci Braxton - Last Call

Traci Braxton – Last Call

"How many more times can I believe, before I let go of the fantasy, because it seems so real," coos Traci Braxton on "Last Call." No relationship is perfect, but there should be a limit to how much toxic energy your heart will tolerate. Make that last attempt, and if it fails, pack your bags and don't look back.

Mary J. Blige - Whole Damn Year

Mary J. Blige – Whole Damn Year

On "Whole Damn Year," the Queen of Hip Hop Soul sings sobbingly about being hurt in a relationship. Nothing feels worse than the destruction of a relationship, especially when you've invested so much time and energy. Just remember that heartache is a temporary pain!

K. Michelle - Love 'Em All

K. Michelle – Love 'Em All

"They say I move too fast, going man to man, always holding a new hand,” sings K. Michelle on "Love 'Em All." Our take — Don't set yourself up for a broken heart! What's worse than being a player is actually being played. Have your fun, but when you’re ready to settle down, make sure your player ways are completely out of your system or you could be in for a bumpy ride.