Finally! T-Pain Releases New Single ‘Stoicville’

After teasing his upcoming album Stoicville with multiple remixes and buzz singles, the songwriter/producer has dropped the official first single and title track from the upcoming LP, and the auto tune is nowhere to be found. Could this be Pain’s artistic growth?

Instead of singing about strippers, dranks, and general party music, Pain is rapping and, woah! He went IN on this one! He gets candid, telling very personal thoughts and feelings. “My last album ain’t do numbers like I wanted to / But that was God tryna ask me what I’m gonna do,” he says when the beat drops.

"I feel like people needed to know what I've been doing," T-Pain told FADER. "A lot of people have been asking, and it's kind of hard to put the story into just one answer. So 'Stoicville' is a quick tell-all—airing everything out and letting my past be the past and basically starting anew."

Last week, T-Pain ditched the his signature auto tune for a NPR clip of a live performance of his hits using his real singing voice, and he didn’t sound half bad! And about that NPR video, Pain says it was necessary to show another side of himself. "There was a time that a lot of people just didn't care to know whether I was talented or not anymore, once I got pigeonholed as the Auto-Tune guy and the whole epidemic of 'Auto-Tune sucks' became a thing. People dislike things because it's popular to dislike things. I know people that just say they don't like Nickelback cause the internet says you're not supposed to. You've never heard a Nickelback song in your life. You don't know if you like Nickelback!" But to be clear, T-Pain clears it up, "I do like Nickelback," he said.

What do you think of T-Pain's confessional single "Stoicville"?