5 Things We Learned About K. Michelle After Watching Her New Show, My Life

K. Michelle's personal life was on full display in her new VH1 reality TV show, My Life, which premiered last night (Nov 3). While the show digs into the highs and lows of a successful woman in show business, fans also got a deeper look into the soul of the Memphis, Tennessee native, which will explain her "in your face" personality.

Yes, we were glued to the TV to see what all this K. Michelle hype was all about, and we found it very interesting (we know, it's only episode 1).

K previously told us: "If I could change anything, I would change a lot of the misconceptions, but that’s gonna be with every artist. Every artist I admire, wanted to be like or looked up to, they had the same problem as me, which I think is funny. The misconception of them is always there, and their appreciation for music is amazing, and for me, people take my honesty as ratchet, or bullying, or beefing. No, I just tell it like it is, the truth is the truth, and if you don’t like it, then I’m not the person you wanna be around."

So, with a chance to help curve these misconceptions, here are five (5) things we learned about K. Michelle after watching 'My Life'.

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