Honda 16 Bars: The Roots Founder Black Thought Will Make You Love Hip-Hop

Black Thought may not be mentioned on a list with your favorite rappers, but trust us, it’s definitely not because he doesn’t possess the flair to be a top emcee.

In a business where commercial popularity thrives over talent (in most cases), The Roots member continues to flourish with his penmanship and rhyming skills.

These two skills were on substantial display during Black Thought’s appearance at The Boombox and Honda’s 16 Bar recent event in New York City.

Thought strong armed the attention of event-goers with raw and unapologetic lyrics:

“Yo, who your top 5 / Jay (Z), Biggie, Pac, Nas / I ain’t trying to hear another name if it’s not mines / any side talk, imma consider it shots fired,” Thought confidently spits.

He may not be the Sheriff, but doggone it, he definitely has a badge!

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