5 Reasons Tank Is Stronger Than The Rest

Tank has been the man since the "Baby I Deserve" days. This guy has all the qualities of a super hero wrapped into an R&B singer. He has written and performed music that has always maintained a level of integrity and quality. He seems to find that balance between keeping it true to himself and staying with the times. He understands his fans and his fans understand him through his emotion drenched lyrics. He is a perfect balance between masculinity and sensitivity.

"What makes me stronger is growth," Tank tells us. "If we all give away ourselves to experience and except the teachings that goes along with everything you have gone through you have no choice but to benefit from the trials and tribulations. You learn from the good times as well as the bad."

As Tank delivers a new album entitled, " Stronger," we see how he has matured and why he has become stronger for himself as well as for the R&B genre. Here are five reasons we have love for the artist we call Tank.

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