Don’t Hate On Me! 12 Awesome Qualities About Jordin Sparks

Like many celebrities, Jordin Sparks is her own identity on social networks, but like many of those celebrities, she receives a lot of hate from unruly followers.

Sparks, who is refreshed and re-energized after returning from vacation, took to Twitter yesterday (July 22) to pass on some of her newfound positive energy, but as they say, “misery loves company,” and some people were not as welcoming to her kindness.

“Maaaaan, people find ANYTHING to hate on what I post. Crazy,” wrote Sparks before unveiling a ton of her personality traits.

Here at Singersroom, we love to see people fight back with kindness, and Jordin is a sweetheart, so we captured some of her qualities to pass on to real fans.

Check them out by clicking below:

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