A$AP Rocky Releases Trailer for SVDDXNLY

A$AP Rocky just dropped the trailer for his 5-part documentary SVDDXNLY. Backed and produced by the people over at Noisey, SVDDXNLY seems to take a deeper look at A$AP Rocky as a whole in terms of upbringing, dealing with fame, and the music of course.

The trailer also gives us snap shots of what his touring experience is like. In the clip, we also get a glimpse on how those of A$AP Mob stay mobbing and keep those vibes flowing. Maybe a slice of pizza or two?

Drake, Rihanna, Snoop Dogg, and Kathy Griffin make an appearance in the trailer as well.

Watch below to see what A$AP Rocky has to say about his rise and grind, and be sure to peep the full documentary when it drops on August 5th.