Since there is so much hype around Lebron James going home to Cleveland, rejoining the team that drafted him in 2003, we thought we would get in on the action.

If you are under a rock and not familiar, King James resigned with the Cleveland Cavaliers after playing seven years then leaving for the Miami Heat for four, where he won two championships and made four Finals appearances.

"In Northeast Ohio, nothing is given," he wrote in a statement. "Everything is earned. You work for what you have. I’m ready to accept the challenge. I’m coming home."

Residents of Ohio have been overly excited since the announcement and why shouldn’t they be: The Cavs now jump from not making the playoffs to title contender, plus the team and the city will see a huge jump in revenue and growth.

With that said, we wanted to stir the soul a little by offering ten songs to celebrate James' return "home." Check out our list by clicking below, and tell us what songs, if any, you want to add.

Michael Jackson - You Are Not Alone

Michael Jackson – You Are Not Alone

It wasn't goodbye folks…it was I'll be right back.

Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam - Lost In Emotion

Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam – Lost In Emotion

Lebron's return home was emotional, not only for Cleveland (and Ohio) fans, but for fans around the world.

Usher - Here I Stand

Usher – Here I Stand

Lebron left a young man and came back a grown man. He admitted to his flaws and pledged his commitment to his family and place of birth. Nothing else needs to be said!

Whitney Houston And CeCe Winans - Count On Me

Whitney Houston And CeCe Winans – Count On Me

Unlike 2010, Lebron isn't promising Cleveland championships, but he is committing to sticking around and fighting for one. Lebron needs the support of Cleveland fans just like they need his talents.

Chaka Khan - Through The Fire

Chaka Khan – Through The Fire

With any relationship comes break-ups and make-ups. The struggles that you endure makes for a stronger connection. Chaka Khan's "Through The Fire" sums up the adversity between King James and his hometown fans. Time to ride again!

Sade - By Your Side

Sade – By Your Side

Lebron received a lashing from Cleveland fans when he left in 2014. Nonetheless, he came back home. Now, Cleveland needs to show that they will stick with the King over the rest of his stay there. What better way to get the healing started than with Sade's sultry voice?

Mark Morrison - Return of The Mack

Mark Morrison – Return of The Mack

Macking — The amount of cash flow Lebron will facilitate to the Cleveland economy.

Ruben Studdard - Sorry 2004

Ruben Studdard – Sorry 2004

When Lebron left Cleveland, it was for his personal reasons. For his return, it’s more about his family, the city, and the fans. Who wouldn’t accept him back for admitting his flaws and growing as a man?

Diddy-Dirty Money - Coming Home

Diddy-Dirty Money – Coming Home

Celebrate the King — Yes he left, but he's right back to save the day.

Drake - Hold On, We're Going Home

Drake – Hold On, We’re Going Home

You can never wrong someone for going home, the place where you discover all the start-up experiences to become who you are as a person.