5 Four Letter Words To Describe Elle Varner’s Imperfectly Perfect Journey

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Gabrielle Serene Varner aka Elle Varner is blossoming and these Four Letter Words are her way to express how she feels about a time of trials and tribulations. These intense words have the power to mold people into more dynamic and beautiful individuals. She is R&B's butterfly and it seems that this upcoming sophomore album 'Four Letter Word' is her symbolic cocoon.

Varner is coming out differently from her usual bubbles and giggles. This California born singer-songwriter & multi-instrumentalist's new music seems to reveal a depth we haven't experienced from the beautifully-quirky songstress. Her new music is real talk about life, love and everything in between.

This new project is a far cry from the energetic and optimistic songs of "I Only Want To Give It To You" and "Refill". Four Letter Words seems to come straight from the deepest part of her soul. While you continue to enjoy songs coming out from the project, here are 5 four letter words that Elle is using to take us on her melodic journey. She is taking us from 'Perfectly Imperfect' to her new "gut-wrenching" project "Four Letter Word," which will be out this summer.

Check it out.



Vibrant, multi-talented, pleasantly quirky, amazingly unique, creative, humorous and truthful are all words that represent who Elle Varner is. She has been growing as an artist as well as an individual and we can see that in her new material from her upcoming album, Four Letter Word.

This album seems to feel different from the last album entitled 'Perfectly Imperfect'. It has more texture and layers. Elle Varner seems like she is on a mission to give us something with substance. She wants to open her self up and show us what's her 411. It is the pain and disappointment that floats up to the surface of her new material. It feels raw, unforgiving, transparent and honest. It seems to be all Elle … inside and out.



Lies can hurt and tear down relationships. It can make you look at a situation or person in such a different light. Elle Varner seems to be very vocal about lies that were told to her by individuals in her life. These lies and the pain it caused materializes into music that is relatable and rich.

See Me Tonight

Time I gave for you / To do what you did / And I'm not really clear / Why we're here, my dear / Looks like we got a serpent in the sheets, I fear / Who never really was in love with me, and now / Its sinking the waters getting deep, in here / I'm almost drowning

These lyrics expose the betrayal she felt and now she is dealing with the realization that it's over. Elle is giving us her all and in this song it roots from the lies people tell.



The definition of LOVE is a profoundly tender, passionate affection for another person. Elle talks about the ups and downs of love in her song "Cold Case" and she does not sugar coat how she feels. This song, along with the rest of her new songs, add a new dimension to her and her music.

Cold Case

Aww love is such a beautiful thing / So fucking beautiful… / Especially in the beginning / When everyone's so happy / And so honest, and so real and… / Loving and affectionate / And cared for you / And Not cheating on you, not fucking some other bitch

If you can't see that Elle is disappointed and angry in her song "Cold Case," you might have to take a couple seats.



Loss is such a hard thing to deal with when it is in the arena of love. It can feel like a piece of your heart has just been snatched right out of your chest. It is something that haunts you 24/7 until it passes.

"The album is a beautifully gut-wrenching body of songs that I went to a very vulnerable place to create." — Elle

The fact that she shows vulnerability in her new music shows her growth. She doesn't know everything and everything is not all good. This music is that real "gut-wrenching" music.



The word F*&^ is a word filled with passion and emotion. It is a way to say I am fustrated, angry, upset disappointed amongst so many other feelings. Elle Varner seems to express so much of her pain, disappointment and anger as she sings using a good amount of F words. Elle has gone through something and we can feel it through her music and lyrics. This is more about the importance of lyrics rather then the actual word. Elle provides us with a clear melodic map so we can follow her heart and how it has been mistreated.

F*&^ It All

Got my mind in the palm of my hand

Don't want to lose it

Fingertips covered in oil, oil

From the blood of tears that I spilled, on the white carpet

Certainly almost called and I said


F*&^ it all (repeat 10x)

I said f#$% it all

[Verse 2] Cuz I could be whole lot of things

Go ahead and clip my wings

Could be a piss drunk bitch of a whore

That has to be 13 F words in a row. If this is not showing how angry she is I don't know what is. However, in this anger we find her truth.