5 Four Letter Words To Describe Elle Varner’s Imperfectly Perfect Journey

Gabrielle Serene Varner aka Elle Varner is blossoming and these Four Letter Words are her way to express how she feels about a time of trials and tribulations. These intense words have the power to mold people into more dynamic and beautiful individuals. She is R&B's butterfly and it seems that this upcoming sophomore album 'Four Letter Word' is her symbolic cocoon.

Varner is coming out differently from her usual bubbles and giggles. This California born singer-songwriter & multi-instrumentalist's new music seems to reveal a depth we haven't experienced from the beautifully-quirky songstress. Her new music is real talk about life, love and everything in between.

This new project is a far cry from the energetic and optimistic songs of "I Only Want To Give It To You" and "Refill". Four Letter Words seems to come straight from the deepest part of her soul. While you continue to enjoy songs coming out from the project, here are 5 four letter words that Elle is using to take us on her melodic journey. She is taking us from 'Perfectly Imperfect' to her new "gut-wrenching" project "Four Letter Word," which will be out this summer.

Check it out.

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