Sebastian Mikael Talks Music Rush, Jhene Aiko Crush, Growing Up In Sweden, Getting In The Wrong Crowd, More

The process of growth and maturing can really make for amazing music material. Artists usually have a clever way of peacing moments of love, happiness, frustration and loss into melodies over instrumentals. It is their magic for us to experience. Soul/R&B newcomer Sebastian Mikael has had his fair share of experiences and wants to share it with the world in his clever and melodic way. Singersroom caught up with Mikael to discuss everything from his move from Sweden, crushing on the beautiful Jhene Aiko, his upbringing, getting into trouble and of course the music.

How Are You Living … We are trying to stay on the road now.

Crushing On Jhene Aiko … Everything about her! I think that her talent is attractive. She is creative and she can sing … that's attractive. She also has a great personality. She's gorgeous … all the way a win.

Qualities I Look For In A Woman …

  1. Attractive Features & Looks
  2. Personality
  3. Creativity & Artistic
  4. A Good Cook (I don't expect her to be in the kitchen all the time but it is just impressive to me because I don't know how to cook.)

Know Me … I want people to get to know me through my music. The music we have put out so far are dope singles, but people are not going to get to know me until I come out with the complete work. Then they will know my sound and my mission. My fans will know this is Sebastian. There are a lot of personal songs … most of the songs are about my journey from Sweden to the [United] States. I had to learn myself. In my music, I show you my process of growing and maturing. I show you everything from love to partying … everything we go through in life.

Sweden to LA … It was crazy! I was 18 and I was excited to move from Sweden to the United States. I didn't do to good back home. I wasn't a good kid. But I got a scholarship for doing an audition and it was like a second chance. When I arrived in L.A. I got in the wrong circle and went through some things. I had to learn from my mistakes. I'm happy I did so much … it was such an interesting time. It was a learning experience.

Moving & Shaking … I lived in South Central around Englewood and also around Crenshaw. I lived in Hollywood, which was a wild time. Then I moved to Studio City and I calmed down a little. I then moved to the East Coast to go to the Berklee College of Music in Boston. I felt the need to leave the West Coast and go to Boston to start over you might say.

Liberation On Stage … It's liberating when I'm on stage. Being on stage or creating a new song is on the same level. It's the same rush. Some people like performing or others like creating, but I enjoy both. If I have a dope show I feel that rush. If I have made a dope song I have that same rush. I feed off of the vibe of the people when I perform. You can express the songs you did in the studio. The songs come to life and I'm seeing what the song is about. If you can't perform the song as good or better then in the studio you didn't make a good song.

Creative Process … It's so important to collab with people that inspire me. KJsdfdsfgjokem ( Grammy nominated producers from Sweden ) They have that playful, cool vibe. We always start with chords or a sample from scratch … never a beat. We start with melodies and certain key words come up. To break it down, it goes chords, melodies and then words. Then the beat is built around everything else to support.

The "Ye-Cole" Process … A lot of people especially in Hip Hop can't rock out unless they start with an ill beat. Kanye and J. Cole are rappers that actually start with a sample, vocals and then go back and build the beat around everything else.

Five Artists I LOVE …

  1. Sade
  2. Marvin Gaye
  3. Michael Jackson
  4. Coldplay
  5. N.E.R.D. (More specifically Pharrell Williams)

Growing Into The Music … I realized I could probably do this if I put enough energy into it when I was in high school. When I was a kid, I had a raspy voice and I used to get rejected from auditions. From the age of 8 years-old all the way until high school I didn't want to sing. Later people started to say I could be a singer. Then I started to write and study different artists.

Music, Haters & My Journey … One thing about my music and my journey is that when I was going to school I always had big dreams. I believe if you can't believe it you can't do it. When I used to have these big dreams people would say you're not being realistic … you're being too crazy. They never saw anyone from where I'm from do it so it was that mentality that made me not want to be there (Sweden).

I AmEthiopian and Swedish. I know certain words from the Ethiopian language. I grew up with people from mixed backgrounds. The place I grew up was a melting pot of people.

When It Is All Said & Done … My dream is to get a Grammy but that's every artists' dream. I just want to put a stamp on the music industry. I want to show who I am. I believe I have something to show the world. I want to be acknowledged for my grind and I want them to know my name.