5 Reasons We Love Tamar Braxton

With a famous sibling in Toni Braxton, it's usually hard to stand out, but Tamar Estine Braxton-Herbert has been able to garner the recognition to create her individual identity. Her ability to shine amongst all her sisters is a testiment to how special she is.

The singer, songwriter, actress and reality TV personality is as unique as it gets. Her outstanding personality and amazing talent has been showcased in her music, in living color through her reality shows "Braxton Family Values" and "Tamar & Vince", and on "The Real" talk show. We can't forget her note worthy sayings like "Get your life" or "Girl have several seats." Regardless of what you like people, can't deny what she has to offer the music game.

Here are five reasons why we love about Tamar:

Way With Words

Way With Words

Words are extremely important and Tamar is a champion of the words and lyrics she puts into her music. Her music is heart felt and digs deep into the soul. Songs like "Love & War" and "She Can Have You" tell a story that so many can relate to. These words have feeling and emotions that her fans love.

"We stay on front lines/ yeah but we're still here after the bomb drops/ We go so hard we lose control/ The fine starts then we explode/ When the smoke clears we dry our tears/ Only in love and war."

Tamar is also a character and says the craziest things. Reality telelvision has given her a platform to show how entertaining she can be.

A. "She, me, her."

B. Booooo

C. That ain't the move!

D. Gurlllllll have several seats?

E. Get your life!

What are your favorite lyrics or saying from Tamar?

Ms. Vocals

Ms. Vocals

Sometimes you just have to take them to church and sang! Growing up in the church and being the youngest of the Braxton sisters created a vocal monster called Tamar. Tamar's voice gives you chills because there is depth and passion in it. She infuses so much emotion while still skillfully using her voice as an instrument. Today, it is rare to get the full package but Tamar has the voice, looks and personality to take it where ever she wants. Tamar's ability to sing a ballad like 'Love & War' and still keep the attention of the airwaves is proof that she has the vocal and the right team to put all the pieces together in a way that the masses will love it.

Work Ethic

Work Ethic

Tamar works like an animal at all times. She has the drive and really wants to be successful. Talent is one thing, but her ability to zero in and get things done by any means is what really separates her from the flock. She works hard and takes the time to figure out who will help her movement.

Tamar is currently one of the hosts of Real Talk, was a founding member of The Braxtons group and now has a solo deal with Epic. Not to mention her two reality shows "Braxton Family Values" and "Tamar & Vince," which shows how fun she can be in real life.

Power Couple

Power Couple

Behind every successful Braxton is a bunch of other Braxton sisters. However, for Tamar she has been blessed to be married to a man that shares her passions and career goals.

In 2008, Tamar married Vince Herbert after dating since 2003. Vince is a record executive who she met through her sister Toni. They now live in LA. They are a mean team in the industry that have potential to bring some old school good music with a new school touch.

Not only are they blessed to be a power couple, but on June 6th 2013, Tamar gave birth to a cute baby boy named Logan Vince Herbert. It will be interesting what magic they will make together as a family and as musicians.



Family is the foundation of who you are as a person. In their reality show "Braxton Family Values," you can see how close they are. They definitely go through their ups and downs, but regardless, they always have had the ability to figure things out as a family. Their commitment to family and sisterhood is a great model for other young women of all colors to follow.

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