The Sexiest Looking A$$ N!&&@ (Singers vs. Models)

Nicki Minaj fired at those looking ass ni**as that sip from "one bottle in the club/ one bottle full of bub' ass niggas." She let all those "lookers" know exactly how she felt with NO mercy. You could argue that everyone starts off from somewhere and might have been a looking — ——.

A lot of your favorite celebrities shared a bottle or came from humble beginnings. With that in mind and with the help of some of our readers, we compiled a list of the sexiest looking A$$ Ni**as. (Yes, we flipped it on Nicki Minaj … why not?)

Ladies (and gents if that's your pref), you have the task of choosing between your favorite new models and your favorite new young R&B singers, who are all under the age of 30… pretty, young and tender.

Who is the hottest … models or singers?

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