10 Songs That Should Be the Soundtrack of Scandal Episodes

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People's guilty pleasure "Scandal," which airs on ABC, has unapologetically taken its viewers on an emotional rollercoaster. Olivia Pope and the sizzling cast have navigated through complex drama and action leaving our hearts pumping while dragging us to the edge of our seats. We can't get enough! It feels like we can almost touch, feel, hear and taste it.

"Scandal" seems to have a specific feel, so Singersroom decided to create our very own soundtrack to some of our favorite moments from the past season.

Familiar names like Ciara, Alicia Keys, John Legend and Katy Perry are some of the artists that have just the right sound for the highs and lows of "Scandal". Names that may be not so familiar such as Love Dominique, Jhene Aiko and Algebra are artists that we have added to give us some new flavor.

Check it out!

Ciara - Anytime Ft. Future

Ciara – Anytime Ft. Future

Song: Anytime

Artist: Ciara feat. Future

Scene Type: Olivia Pope meets President Grant at the Honeycomb hideout for a reunion after the bitter exchanges.

Description on why the song fits: Even though Olivia knows how much she is risking meeting President Grant, she can’t wait to board Air force One to romp around in the home the president built just for them. She knows that because she loves him she’ll be there anytime he needs her.

Jhene Aiko - The Worst

Jhene Aiko – The Worst

Song: The Worst

Artist: Jhene Aiko

Scene Type: Sally gets into a heated argument with her husband about his double life. The fight ends in sally stabbing her husband repeatedly.

Description on why the song fits: In Jhene Aiko’s "The Worst"; the singer expresses her feelings during the aftermath of her boyfriend’s murder.

Love Dominique - Shadow

Love Dominique – Shadow

Song: Shadow

Artist: Love Dominique

Scene Type: President Grant lets Jake (Olivia Pope's Ex) know that she is his woman.

Description on why the song fits: Jake feels some kind of way about always having to play second fiddle to the commander-in-chief.

Algebra - What Happen

Algebra – What Happen

Song: What Happened

Artist: Algebra

Scene Type: When Cyrus sets up his husband to cheat, he takes the bait.

Description on why the song fits: In the song, the singer asks what happened to her relationship. It seems now Cyrus’ relationship is now built on lies and deceit because he constantly uses his mate as a pawn.

Drew Love - Forsaken

Drew Love – Forsaken

Song: Forsaken

Artist: Drew Love

Scene Type: No one will ever forget the scene where crazy Maya (Olivia Popes Mother) bites her own flesh in attempt to break out of her cell.

Description on why the song fits: Maya feels desperate and alone. She is highly sedated but she still has enough sense to know that if she ever wants to see Olivia, she got to do whatever it takes to break out.

Alicia Keys - Power

Alicia Keys – Power

Song: Power

Artist: Alicia Keys

Scene Type: Rowen (Olivia’s Dad) returns to work to find that not only does Jake have his office; he is out of a job.

Description on why the song fits: The power has shifted and now Rowen has been replaced by the much younger Jake.

Katy Perry - Dark Horse

Katy Perry – Dark Horse

Song: Dark Horse

Artist: Katy Perry

Scene Type: Mama Pope escapes the plane (killing all the crew) and drops her cell in the trash in front of the white house…Season 3 Cliffhanger.

Description on why the song fits: Mama Pope has a little magic of her own. She has tricked everyone including Olivia Pope and her associates and now she’s back on the run.

John Legend - All of Me

John Legend – All of Me

Song: All of Me

Artist: John Legend

Scene Type: Rowen reacts to the news that Maya’s (Olivia’s Mom) plan has been bombed and there are no survivors.

Description on why the song fits: Regardless if Rowe knows about Maya’s double life or not, he is overwhelmed with the thought that the love of his life has perished.

Beyonce - Drunk In Love

Beyonce – Drunk In Love

Song: Drunk in Love

Artist: Beyoncé

Scene Type: Quinn turns her back on Pope and Associates for a hired assassin. He takes her to a gun range where he teaches her to shoot.

Description on why the song fits: Quinn is striking out on her own and feels accepted for the first time.

Eminem - The Monster Ft. Rihanna

Eminem – The Monster Ft. Rihanna

Song: The Monster

Artist: Eminem feat. Rihanna

Scene Type: Cyrus looked himself in the mirror after the aftermath of Sally’s murder cover-up.

Description on why the song fits: Cyrus realizes that he is indeed a monster.