With songs like "Cookies" by R. Kelly, "Ratchet In My Benz" by Ty Dolla $ign and even Beyonce's "Drunk In Love," it is not hard to tell that the language of love has changed. We have become more direct and straight to the point as people. Conversations are just as short as our relationships. Love making has turned into beating it up and slow jams have turned into graphic descriptions of sexual encounters.

What happened to the days of courting, love making, and slow jams?

As we quickly approach Valentine's Day, let's take a minute just to think about how things have changed. But since we can't turn back the hands of time, here are a couple joints for you new age freaks that love eating cookies, don’t mind being ratchet in the back of a (new) benz (because no one is trying to do anything in an old benz lol) or get drunk just before they fall in love.

Do you like it nice and/or ratchet?

Chris Brown - Wet the Bed

Chris Brown – Wet the Bed

Sometimes wetting the bed is a good thing especially on Valentine’s Day night. Chris Brown sets the mood for those that like to take their time and enjoy every minute of a pleasurable experience. Check it out.

R. Kelly - Cookie

R. Kelly – Cookie

Who doesn’t like cookies? I know I do. Well, when you’re dealing with a song by R. Kelly you pretty much have to expect the unexpected. R. Kelly gives us another ratchet jam we enjoy so make sure to eat all of your cookies. Check it out.

Eric Bellinger -  Bed Medicine

Eric Bellinger – Bed Medicine

Bed Medicine is a perfect remedy for a relationship that has been going through those relationship illnesses. Eric Bellinger gives you a groovy joint that the love doctor ordered. This might be the perfect joint for a role playing session. Check it out.

August Alsina - Ghetto

August Alsina – Ghetto

Yeah, sometimes that fat ghetto booty is exactly what you need. August talks about getting freaky with a ghetto girl. This is the perfect song to put on when your around the world girl comes through for a night of bumping and grinding. Check it out.

The Dream - Sweat It Out

The Dream – Sweat It Out

If your lady just got a new weave or doesn’t like to mess her hair up you may want to skip this song. The Dream craft fully makes it sexy for your lovely lady to sweat it all out especially on V-day. Check it out.

Sevyn Streeter - Sex On The Ceiling

Sevyn Streeter – Sex On The Ceiling

The artist that has been heavily compared to Aaliyah comes into her own with this track entitled “Sex On The Ceiling.” We have heard about sex in the kitchen, shower, but the ceiling might also work. Try it out and tell us how it went.

Jeremih - All The Time Ft. Lil Wayne & Natasha Mosley

Jeremih – All The Time Ft. Lil Wayne & Natasha Mosley

Making love and just appreciated your significant other is not just something you do one day. (Valentine’s Day) Making love and doing it right should be something you do all the time. Jeremih gives us another joint from his "Late Night" mixtape with the help of Lil Wayne and Natasha Mosley that tells us to do it as much as possible. Check it out.

Ty Dolla $ign - 1st Night/4 A Young

Ty Dolla $ign – 1st Night/4 A Young

This is for the ladies and gentlemen that don’t want to wait … they want to get busy on the first night. You might need some green, some drink and a beef with your ex-boyfriend/girlfriend for this experience. Regardless of the raunchy lyrics this song is smooth and sexy. Check out this joint from this newcomer Ty Dolla $ign. (Listen for the second song, "4 A Young".)

Trey Songz - Dive In

Trey Songz – Dive In

Sometimes you just have to dive in. Trey Songz has always been able to navigate those deep passionate waters. In this track, he swims you through everything you should be doing for the night. Pay attention!

Silk - Freak Me

Silk – Freak Me

“Let me lick you up and down until you say stop.” Yes, this line might be a no-nonsense way to start of the night. Silk is an old school group from the golden era but their tactics still have the same powers it had in the 90's. Not only do they set the mood, but they sound marvelous doing it. Check this song out to get the “party” started.

Trey Songz - Inside Pt. II

Trey Songz – Inside Pt. II

This slow descriptive, jam from "Anticipation II" mixtape certainly sets the mood for an intimate encounter. This is all about being inside the right places at the right time. Make sure your in the right places for Valentine's Day.

Jodeci - Freek'N You

Jodeci – Freek’N You

This song was ratchet in its day but it's pretty tame if we compare it to these new age standards. However, this slow jam still has enough firepower to get you from that pleasant V-Day dinner to the sheets. Take a listen.

Ro James - Lisa

Ro James – Lisa

Ro James is a new comer, but it didn’t stop him from getting nice and nasty with his track "Lisa". Ro shows us how to try to move on from an exceptional person that made you feel special. Even though you may not be able to forget that old sweetheart sometimes it’s refreshing just to find Lisa and get your mind off you that person.

Miguel - The P#$$y Is Mine

Miguel – The P#$$y Is Mine

You have to own it if you want it. Miguel let's everyone know that the p#$$y is his. This is a perfect song for the people that maybe shy to state their claim on V-Day. Ladies you can remix it if you change a word or two. Enjoy!

Tyrese - Straight F***ing

Tyrese – Straight F***ing

Jody … I mean Tyrese has been known to get to the point. In his joint “Straight F***in” he doesn't disappoint. This song sounds similar to those old songs from a Bobby Womack or Otis Redding. This song is actually a sexy, slow jam with a touch of ratchet. If you just want to stop talking and get to some action with no interruptions, put this on.

Raheem DeVaughn - She's Single

Raheem DeVaughn – She’s Single

Tonight she’s single!!! This song is all about those that are single but just want to link up. Raheem get's real smooth on things “g mix”. He breaks down the foreplay so it might be smart to place this track in the middle of your playlist when things start to get hot and heavy. Check it out.

Adina Howard - Slow Grind

Adina Howard – Slow Grind

Adina Howard oozes sexy with every lyric and sound. She goes from whipped cream and strawberries, to giving you the perfect song for those that like to grind real nasty. Check it out.

Jeremih - Rated R

Jeremih – Rated R

Jeremih surprised us with his "Late Night’s" EP. It seemed to be a new spin to the sex-dipped tracks of the R&B’s golden era. "R Rated" speaks for itself, and it is perfect for when you have left dinner and all the lame V Day activities. This is all about pillow biting and headboard knocking. This is not for the "youngins"… this is for the grown and sexy.

R. Kelly - Marry the Pussy

R. Kelly – Marry the Pussy

They say the amount of divorces has risen in recent years. We are all scrambling for answers. Maybe, R. Kelly has the answer which is to marry the p#$$y. If you’re in love with the p#$$y, you might as well marry it. This is a perfect song for those married couples that are enjoying a V-Day night out. (Even husbands and wives need their dose of ratchet sometimes.)

Ty Dolla $ign - Ratchet in My Benz

Ty Dolla $ign – Ratchet in My Benz

Ty Dolla $ign’s music is the definition of ratchet. His sound is fresh and is obviously all about setting the mood for an erotic evening. Ty’s title speaks for itself and is a reflection of fast and raw love making has become today.