Kanye West Settles Lawsuit With Racist Teen

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Rapper Kanye West reportedly settled a legal suit with an instigating teenager for more than $250,000.

Earlier this month, Yeezy was accused of attacking the unidentified 18-year-old in the waiting room of a chiropractor's office in Los Angeles after the youngin’ became upset with the rapper’s fiancé and began yelling racial slurs. He is said to have called her a “n****r lover” and a “stupid sl*t.”

A source claimed at the time that he threatened to hit her after she tried walking away. He said, 'I bet I could beat you'.

Now, a source told TMZ that the victim and his legal team have agreed to a settlement, less than what they originally demanded, and also they will no longer move forward with a criminal prosecution.

It’s unlikely that the L.A. District Attorney will pursue any charges against west as well.