Daley | Future Throwback Soul

The sounds of England ring throughout R&B. Emeli Sande, Marsha Ambrosius and Estelle are only a couple artists hailing from England. Daley is a fresh face that has been working hard to have his angelic voice heard. He quickly chops it up with us about growing up and finding inspiration.

Painfully Suburban…I grew up painfully suburban. Not painfully but I had a really nice upbringing. I grew up in a nice area. It was a nice foundation to then become that I am. I didn't have it hard and I didn't have it really good. It was really down the middle…perfect area for a kid to grow up.

Creating My Own Inspiration… It was weird. It (neighborhood & upbringing) didn't influence me in anyway so through lack of inspiration I had to create my own inspiration.

Growing Up & Out… My college was in the city, Manchester, so had to get on the train from the town I was forms that's when I started to become who I am … when I was in school I just wanted to blend in and be the same as everyone else. Be the same never really stand out. Feel the first feelings of metropolitan life I went to a creative college.

Rainy Day Experiences… A demo I wrote that helped get me signed called 'Rainy Day' which was the first song I wrote that I had actually drawn from my experiences.