"I have decided to stick to love … hate is too great a burden to bear." — Martin Luther King Jr.

Martin Luther King Jr. has left a legacy that has affected not only African Americans but America as a whole. He spoke up for the rights of all citizens and pushed for equality and justice. He especially wanted African Americans to hold their heads high and push for a better tomorrow. It seems sometimes the people he was fighting for lost sight of their responsibilities. It wasn’t long ago when Civil Rights Activists fought to integrate schools and to abolish the Jim Crow laws of the South.

So where are we now?

Yes, we have a black president. So what? Are we as people trying to uphold this dream M.L.K. had for all? Is he proud of where we are?

Here are five things that might make Martin Luther King see this future as a nightmare rather then a dream:

Martin Luther had a dream for all of us but this dream started with the African Americans. If we are not there we need to strive to get there. If you see your brother or sister down, pick them up. Make sure you continue to make his dream live. Happy Martin Luther King Jr. day.

MLK Not About Twerking

MLK Not About Twerking

Have we no decency. We are twerking in the supermarket, at work, in the car. It might be nice to have a little twerk session with your husband, but my goodness must we do it everywhere. This twerkafacation has to stop. Obama might have to say something or pass a law. We need a curfew on twerking. Bottom line is, I don’t think Martin Luther King would be too happy about all this twerking going on.

MLK on Reality Shows

MLK on Reality Shows

It might be a little bit better if reality television had a little more reality in it. Blame it on the editing, what people want to see or maybe the reality show cast for being a little thirsty for popularity, but this does not represent who we are or should be as a people. Yes, there are people that cheat, fight and act a fool… granted. However, it is the unbalanced representation we are talking about. We have all of these young black men on reality television that really play the same character… smooth talking bullsh*tters.

There are people in America and throughout the world that may have never met an African American in person. Is this the only picture we want to draw of ourselves? Let’s not even get into the “leading ladies” with the fake body parts and over the top attitudes. Regardless, if you realize it or not, there are young impressionable minds that are watching and immolating this behavior. People say they shouldn’t be watching, but how many of you went out of your way to watch what you were not suppose to watch. Could you imagine Martin Luther King Jr. on a reality show with Coretta?

“I Am A Loser” Syndrome We Need Families

Why would a woman want to listen to someone that doesn’t want to go to school, do a trade or just basically take care of their responsibilities? We have so many baby fathers but not enough husbands. Yes, she pisses you off but she wasn’t pissing you off when you were bumping and grinding. It was all-good until she told you I missed my period. Now we are making excuses. Now, we need time and space to get our lives together. Come on son! You can’t blame these ladies for “doing them” when the men are not being responsible. That is why we have so many single women holding it down. What would Martin Luther King Jr. say?

Martin Luther King Jr. started college at the age of 15 folks. Are we still making excuses?

Martin Luther King was jailed 29 times. If you are in and out of jail it better be for protesting against all the wrong that is done against our community.

MLK also got his doctorate for systematic theology. (We are not asking for all that but at least get a trade. We need plumbers and electricians. Go be great!

I Don't Need a Man Syndrome We Need Families

I Don’t Need a Man Syndrome We Need Families

We all listen to Beyonce. (Let’s not forget that Beyonce has a husband and she is getting it.) Independent is awesome, but I don’t think she is talking about being lonely boo. There is a difference between the two. We are made to have companionship. When it is time to raise a child … the best bet is to have both parents. Yes, we all were not lucky enough to have a two parent home, but don’t deprive your child from experiencing it. It all comes down to being careful who you share yourself with. If he doesn’t want you, guess what, he will never want you. He might want to have sex with you, but that will not keep him in the house with you. If you’re going to have a baby with someone, he should be someone you see in your future. He should also share that same vision. Women have a lot of power that some don’t use. The power of “NO” works wonders. You don’t have to sleep with that loser. Save yourself for someone that’s worth it … then maybe you wouldn’t be so jaded when the good one comes rolling around. You may not “need” a man but damn you should want one.

Oh yeah! A little less half naked selfies, and twerking on social media might help you to look more like wifey material.

I don’t think I have ever seen Corretta Scott King twerking in photos.

MLK |  Music & Violence Connection

MLK | Music & Violence Connection

When we look at a city like Chicago, it is troubling. Chicago is one of the many US cities struggling from inner city violence. Yes, there are many factors that have created this senseless violence with some revolving around lack of opportunity. However, we as people need to really think about what we are doing. Throughout the country, minorities are killing minorities. This is not the dream MLK was talking about . This is truly a nightmare. What are we killing for?

Martin Luther King's mother was killed by a deranged gunman that killed her at a Sunday service while she played the organ. The Kings were fighting for good and they died for it. What are we fighting for?