5 Things That Martin Luther King Jr. Would Not Be Feeling

"I have decided to stick to love … hate is too great a burden to bear." — Martin Luther King Jr.

Martin Luther King Jr. has left a legacy that has affected not only African Americans but America as a whole. He spoke up for the rights of all citizens and pushed for equality and justice. He especially wanted African Americans to hold their heads high and push for a better tomorrow. It seems sometimes the people he was fighting for lost sight of their responsibilities. It wasn’t long ago when Civil Rights Activists fought to integrate schools and to abolish the Jim Crow laws of the South.

So where are we now?

Yes, we have a black president. So what? Are we as people trying to uphold this dream M.L.K. had for all? Is he proud of where we are?

Here are five things that might make Martin Luther King see this future as a nightmare rather then a dream:

Martin Luther had a dream for all of us but this dream started with the African Americans. If we are not there we need to strive to get there. If you see your brother or sister down, pick them up. Make sure you continue to make his dream live. Happy Martin Luther King Jr. day.

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