Judge Rejects Ludacris’ Gagging Order Request

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It seems Ludacris will have to face the public embarrassment over his new lovechild, along with possibly paying the piper.

A judge has dismissed the rapper’s request to inflict a no talking order on the mother of his newborn daughter.

Ludacris and Tamika Fuller welcomed a baby girl on December 9th (2013), but before the child was born, he filed documents in Georgia court in hopes to prevent Fuller from speaking publicly about their relationship.

Now that the appeal has been rejected by the presiding judge, Ludacris will now attempt to curb how much support he will have to pay Fuller. He recently tried to put a $1,700-a-month cap on his child support obligations, but Fuller filed a response insisting he needs to pay more because he spends much more monthly on his lawn and pets.

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