Ice Cube Readies ‘Everythang’s Corrupt’ For May 2014

Hip-hop legend and mogul Ice Cube has been focusing on his television and film endeavors these past few years, but he released a few musical offerings such as “The Big Show” and “Sasquatch” along the way to remind fans of his first venture.

But Ice has divulged concrete information via Twitter regarding the release date for his highly-anticipated 10th LP, “Everythang’s Corrupt”: May 13, 2014. The video of the same name dropped in 2012, stirring up buzz about the former NWA member’s upcoming opus, all while showing Cube’s signature hard-hitting flows and subject matter is still intact.

“It's just really hardcore West Coast Hip Hop, what I do. I don't think changing the formula is what should be done. I think it's all about do what you do best and give the people what they want," Ice told MTV News back in 2012. Cube’s sons, OMG and Doughboy will be featured on the album, as well as his fellow Westside Connection comrade, WC. The album follows 2010’s “I Am the West.”

Watch Cube star with funny “it” man Kevin Hart in the upcoming comedy “Ride Along” in theaters on January 17.