Tomato Thrower Forced Lupe Fiasco to Cut Concert Short

Lupe Fiasco ended a show early recently after an event-goer hurled a tomato at the Chi-town rapper.

The incident took place on Saturday (Nov. 23) during a performance in Salt Lake City at The Depot venue.

In the below clip, Lupe can be heard retorting to the suspected offender, “I'm gonna finish the show, but if there are more people like that I need them the f**k out of here.”

He then adds, “I know what she looks like, fat, white b***h. Find her.”

An upset Lupe then asked staffers to clear the balcony area, the location where the tomato came from. When this wasn’t done, he exited the stage for his own safety.

He tweeted, “SaltyLake got a good hour of Lupe before sh*t hit the fan…and it was live…sucks buuuut safety first & on the next one…#DROGAS.”

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