Open Forum: 7 Ways You Know You’re Not With The Man of Your Dreams

Every woman is looking for Mr. Right. Sometimes Mr. Wrong dresses up as Mr. Right but he can't fake it forever. At some point, you realize that he has been playing games and you try your best to move on. Well, we were able to have an open forum on Instagram to discuss what are some indicators to help you know that your boyfriend should be your ex-boyfriend. How was Beyonce able to know that Jay-Z was the right man for her or how was Mrs. Huxtable able to know that Mr. Huxtable was the man of her dreams? (I know … but I love The Cosby Show. lol)

Various women from all walks of life weighed in on this topic. Feel free to comment and add on to the discussion.

What are your personal tell tale signs that your boyfriend should be your ex-boyfriend?

When He Becomes Abusive

When He Becomes Abusive

Abuse of any kind.

When He Does Not Communicate

When He Does Not Communicate

When there is a lack of communication.

When He Gets Jealous

When He Gets Jealous

“When the person becomes jealous.”

When We are No Longer On The Same Page

When We are No Longer On The Same Page

“Doesn’t have the same vision of the important things.”

“Opposites attract but not having any shared ideas, any emotion to connect on.”

When you guys are not on the same page, meaning goals don’t coincide.

When He is Not Honest

When He is Not Honest

“When he’s not honest, doesn’t know what he wants.”

“Lack of trust within the relationship.”

When He Becomes Disrespectful

When He Becomes Disrespectful

“Not respecting the relationship … meaning acting like he’s single.”


“The obvious lies, deception, cheating, disrespectful behavior, abuse of any kind.”

When He's Not Truly Intimate Anymore

When He’s Not Truly Intimate Anymore

When the conversation is no longer intriguing and the sex becomes a bore! #imOUT #connectionLOST

“When you have conversations and they’re not looking you in the eyes. Look me in the eyes or remove yourself. On a softer note, life is too short to spend in the company of those who don’t appreciate and adore your time. We all deserve honesty and love. In our natural and most honest state, looking another in the eye and seeing their pupil dilate from stimulating conversation is a tell tale sign they are emotionally present.”

Like the other ladies stated … not being intimate. (Sexual isn’t intimacy.)

When I Stop Being His World
“When he simply stops caring. When he takes no interest in things you once did as a couple, being purposely late, doesn’t need nor value your opinion anymore. Basically, if I stop being a priority.”

“Not putting in the effort.”

“When he starts acting like spending time with me is a punishment!”

“When he stops working for you.”

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