Alternative Sound Sessions: 5 Reasons Why R&B Lovers Should Like Lorde

Alternative Sound Sessions is a way for Singersroom to give you a couple of songs, albums or artists that are DOPE that might not be "R&B" but may have been infleunced by R&B. Why not?!

The world is getting smaller and smaller. We are checking out videos and songs from all over the seven continents. The days of staying loyal to one genre are dead. With that said, as a R&B lover I would like to admit my addiction to this new chick called Lorde. Lorde aka Ella Maria Lani Yelich-O’Conner is like mixing the herione of the 70's Super Fly, that New Jack City crack of the 80's and some of that crazy Breaking Bad Meth of today… she's PURE DOPE!

Enjoy the sounds of Lorde with her joint 'Royals'.

"We don't care" …

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