Dez HiDef – Nymphos X Heavy Metal [EXCLUSIVE]

Dez HiDef is a new rapper out the gritty streets of Newark, New Jersey with a different view on the hood he was raised in. His style, movements and energy are a collage of his environment raging against his desire for more. Hip Hop music is changing and Dez HiDef is another piece of the new masterpiece.

Dez HiDef recruited producer KRAK and vocalist Steve Sam to help him paint a portrait of a young man whose efforts are unappreciated by his other half. Just another break-up song you ask? No, this is HiDef's final talk with his old life before he completely loses normality. This is Nymphos X Heavy Metal, which is far more complicated, then your regular love lost story. Look out for the EP ‘Better Luck Never’ coming soon.