Mike Check – Hope ft. Ewald

New York’s Mike Check reminds us of the importance of not giving up in his video for “Hope,” a single form his album “Stars, Dreams, & Elbow Grease."

Singer Ewald get son the hook to drive home the lesson of keeping the faith, while Mike Check rhymes about his childhood dream to become a rapper, being persistent in the studies of the craft, and rising above what the haters say.

"Hope” was created to symbolize the trials and errors while chasing dreams. People run into brick walls along the way, and they give up hope. The late Randy Pausch said it best; "The brick walls are there to stop the people that don't want it badly enough." I'll do whatever it takes to get around that brick wall, hop over it or run through it. Never give up HOPE," Mike Check says.

“Stars, Dreams, & Elbow Grease” is now available on iTunes.