Artist To Watch: Maxine Ashley

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You-Tube has done right by us again! Maxine Ashley is her name and with over 9 million views on YouTube, singing is her game. It is safe to assume that, since she is being backed by Pharrell Williams and Kerry “Kruical” Brothers, the girl is to be taken seriously.

The Bronx native has bounced back and forth New York and London, working, perfecting and developing her sound. She already has made a huge impact in Europe, appearing on DJ Amex Gaudino’s single, “I am in Love”. Not to mention, fashion phenomenon line, Lavin used her music to premiere line for spring/summer line during fashion week. Someone is winning!

Her EP “Mood Swings” was released recently, and is creating a crazy buzz. Her luring appeal isn’t just from her quirky style and sassy personality, but it’s her voice that keeps and locks your ears in. It’s so soulful and rich; it almost puts you in the mindset of Amy Winehouse. Take a listen to her cover of “Glory Box” and you will fall in love with Maxine like everyone else.

Listen to 'Mood Swings' HERE.


Maxine “Graffiti Whip” Ashley

Even her cars have attitude.


Maxine “Chillin With The Homie” Ashley

Pharrell Williams has found a star in Maxine Ashley.


Maxine “Spunky Style” Ashley

She has style!


Maxine “Mickey Hands” Ashley

She marches to her own beat and is a trendsetter.


Maxine “The Accessorizer” Ashley

She has a way with finding things that don’t go together but look so right on her.

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