Ink My Whole Body: 10 Fly & Fresh Tattooed Artists

Tattoos at one point was solely for a tough and hardcore subculture that did not mix or care about the "common folk". Body ink was also for individuals that were part of specific groups. Soldiers, motorcycle gang members, inmates, hardcore Rock & Rollers and even drug addicts (used to cover track marks) all were part of the tattoo culture in the past. Now, it is more inclusive and more exceptable to have tattoos. However, some people still are not comfortable with tattoos or feel they should be done tastefully. Chris Brown expressed his frustration about being criticized about his tattoos.

"I really don't care. A tattoo’s a tattoo; it's my body, my skin," Brown said of his body art during a recent interview.

Hitting back at critics, including talk show host Wendy Williams, who publicly shared her disdain for the tattoos on her show, Brown said the answer to people like her is "F**k you."

"My favorite line is, 'F**k you.' I like giving the world a big f**k you. Every tattoo I have is a big f**k you. So it's just, like, this is just me, and I'm the guy who's going to be just the same guy at all times," Brown told The Guardian before focusing on the tattoo resembling a woman's face. "I think you misinterpret what nature that is. You think the tattoo is Rihanna's face, but it's not. I've just cleared this up, this is not Rihanna's face, I just got a tat. Like I say, a tat is on my body, so it's personal. I liked how it looked, so I thought I'd get it done. It's all good."

Chris Brown is not the only artist that has has numerous tattoos.

Do you think Wendy Williams is right for calling out Chris Brown or do you think Chris Brown should not have so many tattoos?

Here are a couple artists that uses their skin as a canvas. Do you think it's cool or should people be mindful of how they mark their bodies?

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