If you spent the summer attempting to live carefree instead of being chained to the computer…lucky you. Thanks for leaving us to search through random hopeful singers' EPs and leaks for gems that you missed because, well, you were enjoying the beaches, parties, drinks or etc. Nonetheless, it wasn't a hard task for us since we receive so many great work from popular artists to no name talents.

A variety of new artists like Philly's Jade Alston, not to be confused with Louisiana’s Jade, can take you from "turning up" (not as high as Miley Cyrus) to crushing under the sheets. This is not a lover boy playlist, rather is a group hot records from vets like Joe and Amel Larrieux to contemporary hybrid soul artists such as Yuna and Quadron, which could have flown unnoticed in your Google searches.

If you disagree with a selection, let us know, but it probably will not sway our opinion.

Contributors – Adeniyi Omisore, D. Dunbar

Leon Timbo - Dont Call

Leon Timbo – Dont Call

With a push from Tyrese, Leon Timbo is starting to introduce himself through music. The husky bearded singer is able to shed away his outer layer to share his inner thoughts without looking weak. The song’s emotional transparency is the levy that pulls hearts closer.

Katlynn Simone - Beautiful Lie

Katlynn Simone – Beautiful Lie

Would you rather be told a flowery fib or the hurtful truth? The reality of living in the truth can be overwhelming and that is how a person ends up like Katlynn Simone in “Beautiful Lie.”

John Legend - All Of Me

John Legend – All Of Me

With divorce rates at fifty percent, marriage may not look like the best option for the approval of a relationship, but John Legend’s “All of Me” can change that opinion. His portrait of a partner is what is romanticizes, “Cards on the table, we’re both showing hearts/Risking it all, though it’s hard”.

Joe - Id Rather Have A Love Ft Fat Joe Remix

Joe – Id Rather Have A Love Ft Fat Joe Remix

Joey Crack assisted crooner Joe on the remix to “I’d Rather Have A Love.” Both guys drop their ego realizing that their strip clubs extravaganzas are less than the value of a spouse.

Jhene Aiko - Comfort Inn Ending Freestyle Contd

Jhene Aiko – Comfort Inn Ending Freestyle Contd

Listening to “Comfort Inn Ending (Freestyle) Cont’d” is like stopping to watch a car wreck. It is an awful situation that draws all your attention. Jhene’s vivid lyrics goes frame by frame about an abusive relationship that ends before the conclusion is given. It’s similar to waiting for the finale of “Game of Throne” when your HBO subscription has not been paid.

LIE - Far Away ft Mike Classic

LIE – Far Away ft Mike Classic

The L.I.E’s decision to add the brass section to “Far Away” transformed the record. Even with the verses from rapper Mike Classic, the track is ideal for easy listening.

Jade Alston - Missing You Lately Ft Roscoe Dash

Jade Alston – Missing You Lately Ft Roscoe Dash

Take a moment to a review your past experiences; if you end up smiling more than cursing then you may end up like Jade Alston on “Missing You Lately.” Looking in the past helps Jade Alston rekindle with her ex. The unsigned songstress had a tough year as she overcame a fatal heart condition. If you like what she has to offer, support the young singer’s Kickstart campaign.

Lyfe Jennings - Young Chick

Lyfe Jennings – Young Chick

Who is that old man in the club going to get? Don’t be fooled, he may end up with someone, usually the “Young Chick.” Lyfe Jennings robs the cradle in this song “Young Chick,” as the gritty crooner sings about falling for a woman considerably younger…and she’s his little secret.

Ginette Claudette - Tainted Emotions

Ginette Claudette – Tainted Emotions

This song is infectious, and the vibe is right. When you hear the beat knock and Ginette’s voice swimming over the track, it is hard not to be mesmerized.

Eric Benet - Runnin

Eric Benet – Runnin

Eric Benet is not chasing music trends. He knows what works for him and our ears. “Runnin” is a classic Benet style record that will turn your beau’s frown upside down. Cheesy, corny, yea but it works.

Marsha Ambrosius - Without You Ft Ne-Yo

Marsha Ambrosius – Without You Ft Ne-Yo

Be ready to grab some Kleenex or eat a tub of ice cream once the play button is hit on Marsha Ambrosius’ “Without You.” The ballad, filled with suffering, will be a part of Marsha’s spilt personality on the upcoming album Friends & Lovers.

Mayer Hawthorne - Her Favorite Song Feat Jessie Ware

Mayer Hawthorne – Her Favorite Song Feat Jessie Ware

Mayer Hawthorne turns the 70s into a contemporary party groove. The singer-songwriter is not alone in bridging vintage funk into the present; he is assisted by UK songstress Jessie Ware. The record is featured on Mayer Hawthorne’s new album ‘Where Does This Go.’

Eric Bellinger - R&B Singer Remix ft Joe Budden

Eric Bellinger – R&B Singer Remix ft Joe Budden

Kanye West is a rock star. Eric Bellinger is a proud R&B singer. For him, that means late nights that are not work related.

Donell Jones - Beautiful

Donell Jones – Beautiful

Donell Jones winds down the moment with praise of a lady’s inner beauty. After dodging daily ratchetness, it is gratifying to be praised for the items that operates the body.

Melanie Fiona - Cold Piece

Melanie Fiona – Cold Piece

Melanie Fiona gives an example of how to knock a fella out without laying a hand or smudging lipstick on “Cold Piece”.

Daley - Broken

Daley – Broken

There was a considerable amount of grief this summer. Marsha Ambrosius, Ginette Claudette and Daley joined the bunch with “Broken.” The UK talent is as aggressive as the percussions while insisting that his ticker will never be punctured again. He emphasized the sentiment in his voice as he sings “I’m never gonna love this way again / I’m never gonna give my heart again / ‘Cause every time I try I end up Broken.” We certainly believe him.

Quadron - Neverland

Quadron – Neverland

Only a few should even attempt to channel Michael Jackson into a song. Quadron is in that select group. The Danish duo’s “Neverland” is tight weaved with sensual horns and strings for a sonic utopia at the king of Pop’s play land.

Ro James - 84 ft. Snoop Dogg

Ro James – 84 ft. Snoop Dogg

Produced by the Philly Phatboiz, James questions if life would be worth living if it weren’t for the occasional tribulations. “No it ain’t been easy, but if it was easy would it be worth it? / If it was smooth like my ’84,” he soulfully sings before Snoop takes the reins with his signature laid-back flows.

CharlieRED - GreenGreed

CharlieRED – GreenGreed

The Bluesy style and choice of topics by CharlieRED’s “GreenGREED” makes the duo drastically different from their peers. They are rough with a refine message catering to all with genuine love.

Chante Moore - Talking In My Sleep

Chante Moore – Talking In My Sleep

Chante Moore is much more than an R&B Divas reality television cast member. Even though it has been five years since the release of her last album ‘Love the Woman’, Moore’s ability as a vocalist is never in question. Her power chords are exercised on her new single “Talking In My Sleep.”

Tiffany Evans - Naked

Tiffany Evans – Naked

As individuals, we wear different masks depending on the situation. Tiffany Evans sheds excess layers to bear her “Naked” soul. Over the piano-driven ballad, her powerful vocals are felt.

Vanessa Elisha - Dont Go

Vanessa Elisha – Dont Go

Australian singer Vanessa Elisha’s light weight tone rides atop the soothing production of GXNXVS. The pair crafted Elisha’s hazy-soul ‘Don’t Go’ EP.

Booker T - All Over The Place Ft Luke James

Booker T – All Over The Place Ft Luke James

Booker T of the instrumental funk-R&B group/Stax Records house band Booker T. & the MG’s is back with a new album, Sound the Alarm, and this gem “All Over The Place” featuring vocals by Luke James is pure gold. James’ raw vocal performance meshes perfectly with Booker T’s classic horn and organ arrangement; the product being a timeless, funky, R&B record for the ages.

Yuna - Falling

Yuna – Falling

Need to fight depression? Play this before you take your prescription pills. “Falling” starts with a trickling rhythm then an upbeat whimsical chorus hits, showering listeners with a day to indulge in your self. The record is featured on Yuna’s sophomore album Nocturnal.

Amel Larrieux - Afraid

Amel Larrieux – Afraid

Amel Larrieux’s release of “Afraid” was a surprise treat; the songstress has not released an album since 2007’s ‘Lovely Standards.’ The single, produced by her husband Laru Larrieux, is fueled by a funky energetic tempo tied in with Amel’s beautiful harmonies.