Artist To Watch: 5 Reasons August Alsina’s Bad Boy Style Is Good For R&B

Drake is a dope emcee because he has been able to be real to himself and has opened himself to his fans. Drake has further expanded what it is to be a rapper. Rappers don’t have to be hard all the time. But this is not about the new brand of Emo Hip Hop Drake produces. This is about a new fresh artists from the dirty and dangerous streets of New Orleans that has given us a raw and uncut look at the world as an R&B artist. Who said singers had to be soft and have a curl? August Alsina is in a lane all his own. He has been through numerous trials and tribulations throughout his life. However, despite the darkness, Alsina has found a way to garner spotlight and on his own terms. Here are a couple reasons August Alsina's real and raw approach is good for the R&B game.

We can not predict the future, but we do know that August has something to say and he sounds good saying it. Watch out for this cat from The Big Easy. He might be the next big thing.

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